Your Interesting Penumbral Lunar Horoscope


There would be a lot of surprises, game-changers and openings relating to your creative or spiritual powers surround the weeks (even months) around Penumbral  lunar (and solar) eclipses that just happened. The Penumbral lunar eclipse that happened in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, won’t be the dramatic blood moon we see with a total eclipse, but it is still very powerful.

You Won’t Be Bored

You won’t experience boredom over the next month or so. That’s because your main focus will be sorting through all the opportunities and challenges you’ll face. To achieve real gains in all areas of your life, the best thing to do is to resist feeling frustrated when you hit a roadblock; challenges are just part of the process. Energy is on your side and you’re set up for success.

It’s About Balance

To find your power, balance what you want to keep and what you want to release. Your love life is likely to be exciting also, with sexy ideas and good communication. Challenging authority is very appealing to you at this time, too. This can certainly work if you’re sensitive and smart.

Here is your penumbral lunar eclipse horoscope:


This is an exciting eclipse for you. You feel energized, in charge and ready to make things happen. You need the cooperation of a partner of some sort, though. That person might be a power figure at work, or even a smart, successful lover. Show respect and sensitivity to their feelings and you’ll certainly do well.


You’ll be dealing with the emotions of others, along with their desire to be clearly seen and heard. If you’re sensitive to their need for understanding and attention, you’ll reach them in a powerful way. Feelings from old relationships will be bubbling under the surface, so set aside time to integrate them and heal during the penumbral lunar eclipse.


Take time to seek your higher self, whether that’s through education, travel, political activism or just communicating what means the most to you. Friends can easily become lovers if you’re not in a relationship. If you’re in a relationship, spend time listening to what they desire in life for a nice flow of energy.


Life can get exciting when you go out in public. You’ll find interesting ideas and emotions at work—even a fiery lover is possible. Take care with finances, because you might want to make an emotional purchase or gift. You want to help others, and if you also do this with consideration of your own needs, you’ll be fine.


This eclipse moon is in your sun sign, so it opposes your chart ruler, the sun. You will be working hard to balance your passions with your desire to reach your public. Brilliant friends serve you well and that environment can even bring love. You can make things real in your creative and love life.


You want acknowledgment for your efforts during the penumbral lunar eclipse and requesting this may bring a celebration of your work. Your partner may be feeling wounded. The best way to handle this is to reason with them at the same time you look within for your own unspoken need to heal.


This penumbral lunar eclipse will create exciting times. You’re feeling confident, creative and sexy in the midst of lots of activity. Be prepared for surprises from partners and powerful friends who will make things interesting. You’re great at showing everyone the attention they want, but it is a time for you to shine.


You’re feeling romantic, so communicate to someone you want to reach. And, you’re pulled towards your career, yet there is a little chaos to be managed at home. You’re strong intuitive nature should help you balance all of this. Brilliant ideas at work can be lucrative, but take care before presenting them.


Your dreams and communications can come together and bring something real into your life. Whether you have become serious about politics, teaching, travel, or other means of reaching out, you can have a major breakthrough. Seek the wisdom of a benevolent friend to put your plan together.


You’re focused on your finances and your personal values. Reach investors by moving them emotionally with what you want to do. Investment doesn’t have to be money. It can be someone believing in you so much that they support your efforts. Consider a powerful person at work and events at home in the midst of this.


This penumbral lunar eclipse happens with the sun in your sign, so you’ll be spending this period feeling powerful, yet plagued by some potent emotions about not being recognized for who you are. You can make it all work by finding new ways to tell others how you feel, while using past training and your wide-open heart.


This is an intense eclipse for you, yet you mostly experience it within. You are wisely sensitive to what is happening in the world. Coworkers can be more emotional and need attention. Use your fine intuitive skills to deal with these issues and you’ll benefit.