What’s Next after a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening

Your spiritual awakening or your enlightenment will be something that is very powerful. It can be something that helps you to focus on your higher self and to reach a conscious place of understanding and peace. You will be someone that no longer wants to have attention, desires bad things or someone that is no longer greedy and selfish.

You might look at your spiritual self and wonder what happens when you go through this and then after. You might wonder if you should ignore the world around you or if you need to stop incarnating into the earth. There are problems that you’re going to be able to work through to reach your highest spiritual level and this is what the enlightenment does.

As you disconnect from things that no longer serve you, you find that there are skills that can make your life better. You will leave behind things that are messy and things that don’t help you to live a better life. Sometimes you have to realize that as a spiritual person, you have a destiny that is more important than what your body does on earth. You have a responsibility for yourself to be at a spiritual level and at your soul consciousness.

You need to be aware of your soul’s values and understandings and see that you share a different perspective than you did before. You can detach yourself from negative things and come to a place of peace and understanding.

Fifth Kingdom

You can reach into your Fifth Kingdom, and this means that you no longer live in an earthly state and that you’re more aware of what you have in your life. As you realize that you are developing and becoming more aware, you can develop new skills to live your soul life.

As you join your soul life with the earth and you are open to your conscious self, you will see that you can learn new spiritual things and that you can work for centuries and centuries to be inspired by things that better your understanding and your beliefs.

Focus on New Things

Focus on new beliefs and new teachings. Find knowledge and increase your abilities to live better in your faith. Look at yourself and respect yourself and the virtues that you have. Have a lifestyle that lets you use love and will to be kind and caring to others. This is a leap that many people have to take, and this isn’t something for just anyone.

It takes a lot of work to change who you are and to become a better person. As you study the spiritual world around you, look at the different material forms such as your mental being, etheric and astral forms. Don’t be confused by the things that are on the earth and remember that there is also a spiritual plane that is real, and you have control over how you develop and how you work to these things.

Opening New Doors

Open new doors to who you are and work on a larger level. Open yourself to spiritual things and stop being distracted by the problems of the world around you. The spiritual path that you’re leading is one that can help you to focus on your services and to focus on a different point of view. You can reach your enlightenment and you can see that the spiritual things that you experience are part of who you really are.

Love and Light

Love and light during this time is important and you can reach these things. You are designed to heal and designed to live a pure life. You have power to change and to reform your body as you work on your spiritual self. Let the wisdom of your spirit go through you and allow your emotions to reach your whole body.

Don’t fall into things like greed, selfishness, lust, rudeness, and other things that hold you back but trust that the spirit will be there to enlighten you and to change your mind, body and emotions for the better. Have faith and hope and expect there to be something more.

Discipline yourself to be humble and to have virtues that make you progress through life in a positive way. Even though life can be full of sickness or pain, you can see that being a bad person doesn’t make these things better and it doesn’t cure anything. By having wisdom and hope, you can work through your problems in this world.


Make sure that you aren’t detaching yourself form your body though, You have to keep your head in the right place and make sure that you are being sensitive and loving. Don’t get selfish and disconnected. You might be someone that decides to have power and to control others and this is not going to be the path that you want to be on.

Final Thoughts

Do your part to help yourself and to help others. You can be on a spiritual path that shows people the light. This is a way that you can get past your own problems, and you can learn to work through things that are tiring and hard. Be aware, have knowledge and set goals to show off your spiritual abilities as you continue to grow.