Creating Your Own Healing Wand

Healing Wand

Do you need to open up your chakras or cleanse your energy center? Crystals can help. Selenite is one crystal that can bring healing into your life. It is surrounded by white light and can amplify the colors that surround you.

Making a Selenite Healing Wand

Here are some things that you need if you want to make a selenite healing wand:

  • Selenite rod.
  • Small stones of different colors, around 7.
  • Superglue.
  • Paper plate.
  • Paper towel.

Here is how to make your selenite healing wand:

  • Use the paper towel and rub the selenite rod. Get rid of any dust on the rod.
  • Put the wad on the paper plate and use the super glue to glue the rainbow colored stones to the rod. Start with red followed by orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo and then violet.
  • Let the rod dry for a few hours.

Once you made your rod, you can use to make sure that your energies are balanced.

Balancing Your Chakra Energies

Once you get your rod made and it is dried and complete, here are some things that you can do with the wand to bring healing or to balance your energies:

  • Hold the rod parallel to the spine.
  • Hold the wand horizontally and move it over your body from the head to the feet. Do this in a sweeping way. This will clear your energies that are negative.
  • Hold the wand in your non-dominate hand and meditate, focusing on your energies.

Final Thoughts

Once you make your rod and you use it to balance your energies, you will start to feel better. This can help you to be able to live your life to the fullest of your abilities and to make sure that you are healthy in your mind, body and soul.

It is important to remember that each of your chakras are associated with different colors and that is the importance of using the rainbow colored stones. As you use the rod, the different colored stones on the selenite rod will align your mind, body and soul while balancing your chakras.