Stop Using White Sage for Cleansing

White Sage

People love to have spiritual wellness and much of this has to do with getting rid of negative energy. Clearing negative energy out of your space is good for everyone and you don’t even have to be practicing spiritual wellness to benefit from this.

Cleansing is something that is known to many and people all over the world use white sage to cleanse their homes, offices, and other spaces that they frequent. Even though white sage is the most used form of cleansing, there are reasons to choose other methods of cleansing.

How Does Using White Sage Hurt the Environment?

White sage isn’t a sustainable plant and most of the time white sage isn’t grown on farms, but it is a wild plant. This plant needs to be in a certain condition to grow in and it is restricted to certain areas such as Southern California. This means that it can be hard to plant it in other places.

White sage can take even up to three years to grow after it gets cut down and that makes harvesting it a problem. Some people will use unethical harvesting practices to harvest it and make it grow faster.

This is why there are some people that don’t have access to white sage. People that need this white sage sometimes don’t have it. Native Americans for example have used white sage for spiritual reasons for years and years and it can be hard for them to get their hands on it.

What Significance Does White Sage Hold?

For Native American’s, white sage can be important to their culture and their spiritual practices. It is a plan that was used in smudging ceremonies which can be used to cleanse the area, the body, auras and living spaces. Burning the leaves of the plant can get rid of negative energy and bring healing.

Getting rid of negative spirits is important to the Native American’s and other tribes and this also helps to get rid of things like depression and poor health. This is an ancient ritual that is still used today.

Native American’s were not allowed to practice their religious beliefs with ceremonies, including burning sage, until after 1978. They had to fight over their lands and their tradition, and this concluded that other people outside of this culture would use the white sage to smudge their homes.

Other Ways to Cleanse Your Space

You might think that you should use white sage to cleanse your space but there are other things that you can do to get rid of negative energies. You can use things like cedar or juniper for your cleansing rituals.

Both of the plants listed here have also been used since ancient times as a cleansing practice. Other things such as rosemary can be used, and you can grow this easily in your own garden.

If you feel pressure or you feel that something isn’t right in your home, cleansing can help. There are different ways that you can do this, and it can help to get rid of negative energies. You need to make sure that you are cleansing with a relationship to the plant or the ritual that you are using.

Cleansing Your Space

You can smudge your space with smoke from almost any kind of plant. Start by burning the end of the plant and let the smoke stream through. Walk around the area and let negative energies go away. Put the plant in a fireproof bowl and allow it to go out on its own.

Before you start though, set your intentions, and make sure that you have an open heart. You can even meditate before you do this or use meditation stones to help you. Think about your home, your family, and your life and what you are cleansing your energy from.

Doing this can help you to be successful when you make the decision to cleanse your area from negativity.