Are You Emotionally Connected?

Emotionally Connected

There are times that you’re with someone and you just don’t feel a real connection with them. This is something that you might feel in your gut. What does it mean to have an emotional connection to someone?

Having an Emotional Connection

An emotional connection means that you have intimacy that is beyond looks. You have fun with each other, and you are able to talk to each other. You have things in common and you are even at the same intellectual level. But even more, you have a soul connection, and you feel secure in who they are and having them in your life.

People have to have attachments to other adults just like children need to be attached to adults. It is important to know that someone is there for you and that they are available for you when you need them.

A connection like this make you feel secure and allow you to feel safe. You will feel that you are able to say anything without being judged and to let your guard den. The emotional connection has to happen if you are going to have an overall wellbeing with someone.

Are You Emotionally Connected?

You can find out if you’re emotionally connected to someone by looking for these signs:

  • You Care About Each Other’s Needs

An emotional connection means that you care about your partners emotional and physical needs. You aren’t selfish and you want them to be happy. You want to protect them, and you want them to have the things that they want in their life.

  • You Are Open

Having an emotional connection means you’re open to each other. You speak to each other without fear of judgement, and you are able to have a conversation that is meaningful and caring. You never hesitate to tell them things that are even dark or deep.

  • You Really Listen

Instead of just hearing what your partner is saying, if you have an emotional connection then you really listen to them. You give them your attention when they are talking to you, and you put your phone away to be present.

If you don’t have these feelings, then the relationship will be full of shame, and you will feel abandoned. Really listening means that you pay attention when someone is talking, and you listen and have eye contact.

  • You Really Know Each Other

You don’t just know someone on the surface if you have an emotional connection, but you really know them. You know everything about their personality, and you know their good side and their bad side.

You share things with them that have embarrassed you or things that you might not ever tell anyone else.

  • You’re Interested in Their Likes

Even if you don’t love every hobby that your partner has, if you have an emotional connection then you’re interested in what they like. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to take up that hobby, but it means that you are interested in understanding why they like it, and you support them.

You take an active interest in the hobbies that they like, and you care about them being happy and you’re willing to invest in it if that is what they want or need. On top of being curious, you are interested in hearing about their activities for the day. Doing this builds trust and intimacy.

  • You Don’t Judge Each Other

When you speak to each other there is no judgement, and you figure out a way to solve problems together. You try to help them and validate them in what they are saying even if things are hard to talk about.

It can be hard to be vulnerable but if you love someone and you have this connection the you’re willing to be just that.

  • You Work Through Problems

Even when there are problems you figure out how to work through them without putting each other down. If you argue, you do it in a respectful way. You will have conflict, that’s normal, but in the conflict, you deal with it in a constructive way without calling each other names or being judgmental.

  • You Care

Not only do you care what happens to this person, but you are sympathetic to what is going on that is hard for them. You show them how you care, and you are their teammate to help them work through things that are hard.

  • You Give and Take

A relationship should be both give and take, and one shouldn’t outdo the other. When you are both putting in effort, this builds intimacy and trust, and it makes the bond stronger.

  • You Are Seen

When your partner talks to you and they show effort, they show you that you’re seen, and you’re heard. This is something that should go both ways. When there is emotional connections, this happens and you are able to communicate well.

  • You Know Who You Are

Before you connect with someone you need to make sure that you know who you are. You should be able to know what you need, what you want and what your emotions are. You should be with someone that understands you and values you.

Why is an Emotional Connection Important?

An emotional connection is important because a relationship won’t be good without this. This is so important in the relationship because it allows you to be able to go through hard times and to work through them. This connection makes you feel safe and secure, and it allows you to feel heard and seen.

An emotional connection should be there if you’re going to continue on in your relationship. This is one relationship that will grow over time, and you will have a partner that helps you to reach your higher self in the growth.


  1. The article’s discussion on the need for openness and vulnerability in building an emotional connection is quite compelling. It encapsulates the essence of emotional intimacy well.

  2. The article provides a thorough explanation of the attributes that constitute an emotional connection. The emphasis on mutual understanding and non-judgment is particularly insightful.

  3. This piece does a good job of elucidating how emotional connections are foundational to a healthy relationship. The point about being interested in a partner’s hobbies resonates strongly.

  4. I appreciate the detailed breakdown of what it means to be emotionally connected. The focus on listening and genuinely knowing each other stands out as critical components.

  5. The writer’s detailed account of the indicators of an emotional connection is useful for anyone looking to deepen their relationships. The idea that caring and non-judgmental communication are pillars of such connections is well-articulated.


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