Are You an Empath?


An empath is someone that is able to feel what a person is feeling or to know what someone is thinking. They are able to feel what the energies other people have are. In the past, people didn’t know what an empath was. They would know that someone was overly sensitive, and they would think that was just all it was.

The more that others explored about what an empath was, the more they understood that this is a spiritual gift and a part of some people’s life journey.

What is an Empath?

An empath is someone that is able to take the feelings and thoughts that someone else is having and they feel them in t heir own body. They are able to know when someone comes around them that is upset or angry or even happy.

Many people have empathy, and they think that this is the same thing, but it isn’t. Empaths feel emotions of anyone that comes by them. They might not even like the person that they are around, but they will still be able to feel whatever they are going through.

An empath doesn’t have a choice to whose feelings and emotions that they pick up on and this happens to anyone that they are by. They can even pick up emotions from certain television shows or the news when it is playing.


Empaths are surrounded by energies and when they walk into a room, they are so sensitive that they immediately pick up on these energies. When someone is upset or angry, they feel this. They can even feel sickness if someone is not feeling well.

Empath Children

Children that have the gift of empathy have a hard time dealing with their emotions. They have to learn how to protect themselves from others and to not feel worried about being made fun of or misunderstood. They will often feel sick because they are misunderstood by family and friend and have a hard time facing it.

Children that are empath might get sick during holidays because they know that they have to spend so much time around people and it can be overwhelming and stressful. They sometimes have a hard time dealing with loud noise or music.

Handling Energy

As an adult, you can learn to handle the energy around you even though this takes power. This will make you stronger and will allow you to have energy around you without being overwhelmed. You can prepare for this and direct your energy in a positive way.

You can visualize the energy around you, and you will see that the energy can fill you with positive light instead of negativity. Your empathy is a gift, and it was given to you so that you can be a better person. Even when you are rubbed wrong or upset, this teaches you how to react and how to understand life.

Benefits of Being an Empath

Here are some benefits of being an empath:

  • You can feel the energy of others.
  • You know when good things are coming.
  • You pick up emotions and learn a skill to use the energy positively.
  • You can use your emotions for interior design and to express life.
  • You can reach positivity by sharing your spirit with others.
  • You can tap into the conscious mind of others.
  • You can make people feel happy and warm.
  • Even when situations are stressful, you can help others heal from pain and heartbreak.
  • You can get rid of fears by talking to strangers.
  • You have a superpower that emits energy.
  • White light can surround you and you learn to make it come.
  • You can see what is blocking or coming into someone’s life.
  • You can see auras and tell people about their health.
  • You can breathe into positive vibes including joy and peace.
  • You can get rid of old wounds.

Final Thoughts

The world is a wild place, and it is always changing. You can learn to send light and love to others by allowing the energy to fill in around you. Even when things are hard, if you embrace these feelings and emotions, you can grow stronger. This is one of the best gifts of all the psychic gifts that there are.