Friday , January 8 2021

Career Psychic Readings

Take the plunge and live your life!

It is often said, “Time is fleeting and you only live once!” This reasoning drives us to want achieve more and enjoy your brief time on this plane of existence.  While this generally gets us excited and energetic to go out and conquer the world, there is still the small …

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Leave Your Job And Start A New Future

   Your job is your only paycheck and deciding to leave it will be a major life decision that’s why you need to weigh the pros and cons. All job has its ups and down but if your job has more downs than ups, it may be time to leave it for …

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Let The Job Find You Instead

     I remembered one of my clients “Jean” called me and I immediately sensed her desperation. “Hey, I don’t think I can stand this job another day!” I know many of my callers have expressed the same feelings. Just like “Jean,” they’re all proactive, smart people who know it’s …

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