Take the plunge and live your life!


It is often said, “Time is fleeting and you only live once!” This reasoning drives us to want achieve more and enjoy your brief time on this plane of existence.  While this generally gets us excited and energetic to go out and conquer the world, there is still the small bit of fear.

This twinge of conscience keeps us from moving into what we often dream of as our “real life.”

Our current life with its staid complacency is just a holding pattern, you tell yourself, soon you will begin your own great adventure.

If we don’t start our adventure now, we will find ourselves back where we started.  There is a saying, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

We tend to say that tomorrow is the day to begin. We say this so often that we don’t realize that today is yesterday’s tomorrow and it is time to get moving.  If we want to move forward to our life, we need to move one with our lives.

You can’t afford to hold back and hide from the challenge.

The most precious asset you have is time and you shouldn’t waste any more of it.  Now take a look at your current life:

  • Does your work satisfy you?
  • Are you enjoying your relationships?
  • Do you see your problems as challenges?
  • Are you happy with whom you are?
  • Do you find great passion in your life?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you’re in good shape. If anyone of these questions makes you think, follow that urge and find a solution to remedy it.

Take some time to yourself, for yourself

Ask yourself, “How much are you sacrificing to please someone else? Am I wasting my time just to make other people happy? Do I have to make compromises with myself in order to get by?”

By living your life for others approval you are unplugging your own life.  You need to let your soul grow so that you can reveal your authentic self.  Compromises can block your creative energy.  If you want express who you really are, you must take a step.

Once you have identified what you want, it’s time to start working on it. If you’ve always wanted to be a singer, but don’t know where to start, try going out for Karaoke with friends.  Or if you’ve always wanted to be an artist check with local community centers for drawing lessons, or get how to do books.  If you want to run a race, start by running around the block. Take a first step towards your own future.

A first step often leads to the second.

When you take your first step, the second and third will follow easily. You can congratulate yourself for starting on your new path.  Once you notice how rewarding this tiny risk has been you can keep going.

The mental rewards of risk taking

Once you have started heading towards your new life, your mind continues to help you along.  Challenging your brain allows for new growth. Arriving into a new mental destination helps you to think and grow.

The Best New Experience

You do not have to travel a great distance to undergo an adventure You can start right where  you are.

One of the disadvantages of living a fast paced life is never knowing your neighbors. Everyone is busy and weeks can go by without talking to the people one your street or even next door.  How many people can say they know anything about their neighbors?

Try something small, like asking a neighbor for their thoughts on the weather, or just ask how their day went.  Does that idea scare you?

You may be passing  up a chance to make a great friend.  All you have to do is try and you can make some friends based on actual interactions and not based on something liked or not liked on a webpage.

Engage yourself in the things that happen in your own life. Talk to the people you pass every day. If you are in an office and you see someone struggling, ask if you can help. People want to be noticed.  You will more than likely be thanked for just offering the help.

You can give a smile to someone who looks like they are having a bad day.  It doesn’t cost anything but it could mean the world to someone else.  Once you start the ball rolling, you may find yourself surrounded by a sea of supportive friends.

Time goes by quickly. Instead of letting your life pass you by in an ocean of “What if “, take a chance. Take that first step into your own future.


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