Best Healing Crystals

Best Healing Crystals

Everyone has heard of crystals and while some don’t believe in them, there are many people that do. The crystals that are deemed some of the best healing crystals include Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Citrine.

These are crystals that have properties that can help you to heal in your life and help you to expand yourself without having to deal with pain and other things. The great thing about these crystals is that you can even carry them with you.

Using Healing Crystals

Here are some ways that you can use healing crystals in order to use their powers. There are crystals that can guide you and support you when you need them. Here is the best way to use them:

  • Wear them on your body such as jewelry or carry them in your purse.
  • Keep them in the car when you are traveling.
  • Use the crystals when you meditate.
  • Put crystals under your pillow or near you when you sleep.
  • Use your crystals daily for added power.

Crystal Quartz

This is a clear crystal that is a healing crystal. This is one that you can find in a store, or a shop and it has different properties. This is a master healing crystal because it has such powerful properties.

You can use clear quartz when you are out of balance, when your chakras need to be balanced, if you need to increase your intentions, make a wish or if you need to center your body energies.

This crystal can help you if you are emotional or you are dealing with mental problems like stress or anxiety. If you are depressed or overwhelmed, use this crystal to help clear this negative energy and to open you up to healing energies.

Using Clear Quartz

You can use this crystal to help protect you. If you need to raise your vibrations or get rid of negativity, carry this crystal with you everywhere you go. This will bring balance to your body.

Take time to ask the crystal to protect you and keep you safe. Put it in every direction around your body and that it help you to be strong.

Make Your Quartz Crystal Strong

You can get the most out of your clear quartz by putting it close to your body and being still. Meditate and set your intentions with a clear heart. Hold the crystal in your hand while you get more information. You might feel calm when you do this and if you keep listening then you will see that it can help you every day.

Rose Quartz

This crystal is called the Queen of Love crystal, and it is a rose-colored crystal. It will help you if you need to have more love or if you want to attract love to yourself. If you need to look sexier or you are single and ready to meet someone, keep this stone close to you. Use it when you go on a date. Let it heal you from past heart.

Using Rose Quartz for Healing

Ask the stone to help heal all of your past hurts and traumas. Let it help you to cut cords with past lovers and to clear out your past emotions. This can boost your vibrations and heal wounds that have kept you stuck. The past won’t be able to keep holding you back with this crystal.

If you want to connect with a past lover, this stone can help to rebuild your relationship. Use it when you hold the crystal and set your intention to get back with y our past lover. Do this for at least 15 minutes each day as you meditate and hold the crystal.

You will see that your emotions are becoming good and light and that your heart chakra is being healed. Let the power of the rose quartz make your soul and your heart lighter.


This is the money crystal. You can use this when you want to have abundance and you want to manifest and attract money and luck into your life. You might see synchronicities start to happen and this stone can help you to get gifts and to get money. Carry it with you when you go places and wait for money to come.

Using Citrine for Healing and Finances

You need to heal the relationship that you have with money and stop seeing it as something negative. You can use Citrine to help you with this. Hold the crystal in your hand and ask it to get rid of blocks or beliefs that are causing you to be in poverty. This can be things from your past life.

Let go of any negative situation s that you have dealt with in the past and let the citrine heal you and bring up your highest good. Once you have gotten rid of negative energy, open yourself up to meditating for wealth and prosperity. Do this each day until you get what you want.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Once you use the crystals above, you need to make sure that you keep them strong. You can do this by cleansing them and charging them. Put them in the window sill when there is a full moon and let the moon get rid of any negative energy that is attached to them.

The magic can help you connect with your crystals more. Meditate as you hold the stones and let them bring healing to your life. If you are a beginning crystal user, start small and talk to a psychic or look online at the best crystals that you should have in your collection and start healing now.