Comeback’s After Dealing with Bad Partners

Comeback’s After Dealing with Bad Partners

After you breakup, chances are there are some things you would love to tell your ex, but you choose to keep your peace and to not deal with it. It can be more than satisfying to find a meme online about how ridiculous your ex was.

If you want to give your ex a comeback but you didn’t have the time and space to think of this until now, here are some things that you can say.

When your ex really has hurt you, the best thing is to make them feel what you have felt. Show them that they have been horrible to you and how they made you feel.

Let them know that you wasted so much time and that they ruined your life by you having to deal with them for all that time.

Maybe you want to tell them to leave you alone or that actually, they were the ones that weren’t good enough for you, or you want to tell them that they will never make anyone happy. You might want to tell them that they were terrible in bed or that you always faked your love for them.

The best thing that you can do though is to be happy. There is nothing more about revenge than showing someone how happy you are. Once you meet someone else, you can show them off on social media and you will see that they will know that your life is great.

Here are some comebacks that you can say to roast your ex once you get past the hurt:

  • I don’t mean to be rude, but your brain has to be gone.
  • You look much better when my eyes are closed.
  • Waiting for you is useless, like rain in a drought.
  • I was great and you were fake. Don’t be mad.
  • No one has time to cry after breaking up with you.
  • I date mistakes, not make them.
  • Its time to exit my life, thanks for the experience.
  • I’m smiling but not because of you.
  • Good luck finding someone that will put up with you like I did.
  • When I look at you, I think of algebra. I wonder why?
  • I’m not rude, I just don’t play games.
  • When I need a friend like you, I’ll poop one out.
  • Your love was fake? So were my orgasms.
  • Don’t worry, you were a disappointment in bed.
  • My night turned out to be made of aluminum foil.
  • Don’t hurt yourself watching me walk away.
  • Can we still be friends after we breakup? How can this work?
  • Getting back with your ex is like going to your own garage sale.
  • You’re not worth the calories I have to burn talking to you.
  • I don’t give a damn about you.
  • My teacher told me that all of my cells have been destroyed and replaced every seven years. At least I will know that my body will not have been touched by you.
  • I used to be dumb but then I dumped him.
  • My favorite thing about our relationship is that I am no longer in it.
  • I unsubscribe from you.
  • There are many fish in the sea, but I’ll never be replaced.
  • It’s been a long time, can I come over? No thanks, I already have my own trash.
  • You want me to send you a pic? Who is this?
  • If you are happy, thank your ex!
  • You thought you took my breath away; I was just holding it.
  • I’ve been called worse; I was called your girlfriend.