Signs of Your Angels

Signs of Your Angels

Angel signs are all around you and you might see these even more when you are meditating. See a feather drop before you or a coin fall from the sky? Chances are that these are signs from your angels to let you know that they are around.

Some are able to feel their angels close to them while others are not able to feel or sense them. You might be someone that is seeing angel signs for a purpose including:

  • You’re in an important part of your spiritual journey.
  • You have been fearful and want comfort.
  • The angels are trying to communicate with you.
  • You have experienced some kind of trauma lately and the angels want to support you.
  • You are losing faith.

Having a Guardian Angel

Here are some signs that you might have your very own guardian angel:


Having a feather land close to you can be an angel sign. The angel might be telling you that it is close to you and that you are loved. Angel feathers can be different and can come in different colors such as:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Brown

Each of the feathers can mean something different and can be a sing from your angels.


Do you ever get a sudden smell out of nowhere? This can be a flower smell, or it can be some kind of scent that is associated with someone that you know. These signs might be the presence of your angels.

Children and Pets

Angels are love and they bring peace and hope. They help us when times are hard and when things are going wrong for you. They want to give you signs and bring you joy and excitement.

When you need to get a sign from angels, pay attention to children and pets around you. Do they seem to attract to you, or do you feel that they are looking at you? Do you have a baby that keeps smiling at you?

These can be signs that angels are around you and that they are trying to connect with you.

Songs or Music

This might not happen often to people but there are some people that are able to hear music like angels singing. This can be actual angels singing to you from the spiritual world.

You might even hear a song on the radio that gives you hope and makes you feel at peace. This can be the angels trying to get your attention.

Money or Coins

Sometimes angels will send coins from heaven. The numbers or the image on the coin can be something special to you. Pay attention to this sign and know that this can mean that you are being listened to by the divine.

Repeating Numbers

Angel numbers are numbers that are repeating, and these are often big signs from angels. If you see numbers repeating or you keep waking up at the same time over and over again, have confidence because your angel guides are trying to reach out to you.

Hearing Voices

One angelic sign is hearing voices. You might hear someone calling out your name or saying something sweet to you. You may wonder if you are hearing the angels talking to you and trying to bring you peace.

Billboards or Ads

Angels sometimes give you signs, and they will come in the form of billboards or ads. When you look up and you see a sign of someone giving help to you or sending out positivity to you, this can be a sign from your angels.

Strong Feelings

People sometimes have a sixth sense, and they can feel the feelings and emotions of people around them. If you have this sixth sense, that can mean that you can feel your angels reaching out to you.

Don’t get scared when you have these feelings or when you get chill bumps out of nowhere, this doesn’t mean anything negative and can mean your angels are close.


Rainbows are a sign that your angels are there and want to make you happy. If you have been hoping for something and you look up and see a rainbow, chances are that your guides are there to give you hope. You might even see this when it rains because nature likes to do great things.

Temperature Changes

When you go into a room and you are hot and out of nowhere you get a chill, this can be a sign your angels are close. They have high vibrations, and they are able to change the electrical situation around you. This can be the air changing or even your television or lights flickering on and off.


Some people will see their angels in a physical way. They will see sparkles around or they will see some kind of light. Not everyone gets the chance to see this but if you do, your angels are protecting you.

Skin Tingling

As mentioned above, one sensation that happens sometimes when your angels are around is that the hair on your arms will stand up. This can just be a feeling in your body that your angels are close.


Angels that don’t show themselves in a physical way will sometimes do things to get your attention. If you feel a swift breeze, go by, pay attention to it because your angels are there to protect you.


Clouds can make you think about angels. When you see an angel in the shape of a cloud, take this as a sign that your angels are close to you. Pay attention when the clouds are big and full and see what you see.

Lights and Meditation

Some people meditate and they are able to connect with their angels. If you are meditating and you see a light, pay attention to the light and how it makes you feel.


Many people are able to see into the spirit world by seeing orbs. If you see an orb, this can be a big angel sign. This can be a pure light and can be a high energy that you see around you.

Crown Chakra Activation

The Crown chakra is a place where you are able to open up to the spiritual world. When your crown chakra is activated, it can allow you to connect with the angels. This is a time where you can openly communicate with them.

Feeling Them

One big angel sign is that you are able to feel their presence. This will be out of nowhere and will just seem to appear.


Angels don’t have a physical body, but they can come into the physical realm, and they can do things such as touch your shoulder or your arm. This is to show you that they love you.

Good Emotions

If you have a random good thought or emotion, this can be a time when your angels are close to you. They are trying to direct your emotions into something good and positive.


Some angels will show themselves by showing patterns. You might think at first that this is a coincidence but if it keeps happening, it’s your angels working for you.

Ear Ringing

Your angels can come close, and it can cause your ears to vibrate or ring. When this happens, it is a spirit close to you, probably your angel.


One of the biggest signs that your angel is close is having a dream about them. If the dreams are very vivid and you are able to feel or see your angels while you are dreaming, it can be a sign that they are close.


Angels will sometimes send animals to show you that they are around and to send you a message. Let the animal give you feelings and to guide you.


If you have strong intuition, chances are that you are able to know that your angels are near you. They will bring high energy and they will help you to make good decisions.

Angels and Signs

People often have signs that their angels are close to them. You have to be open to receive these messages and allow them to come to you. This can be sensations, thoughts, feelings, voices and more.

The most important thing is that you need to listen to your intuition and have an open mind. This might not seem like an easy thing but once you get used to listening and feeling your angels, you will know that they are there and that they want to keep you safe and protect you.

Let your soul be open to the signs and always allow your angels to guide you.

Angels and Power

Angels are there to guide and protect you. They are divine entities, and they are there to come to you. The angels come in different forms, and they are there mostly to protect you and to help you through hard things.

Always acknowledge that your angel is there and let them answer questions that you have for them. Just like talking to someone in person, you can ask your angel guides anything you want. Always allow them to help you and to work through your problems.

Pay attention to the signs and wonders that your angels want to give you and learn to recognize when they are around.