Things to Try During a Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse is when the earth has a shadow that goes across the surface of the moon. An eclipse can take place when the moon is not close to the earth and when the moon is full. In a lunar eclipse, the moon will look smaller than a regular full moon, but it is still very powerful.

Most have heard of the micro and the super moon because these happen throughout the year, but each kind of moon can affect your life differently, depending on the energies that follow. Some will see that the lunar eclipse can bring on stronger relationships or can change your emotions totally. A full moon is very powerful and can help you to figure out what your soul wants and help you to let go of things that are holding you back. You might need this to know your true purpose.

Things to Do During a Lunar Eclipse

There are different ways that you can celebrate the different cycles that the moon takes. Here are some things you can do that might help you to celebrate what is happening around you:

Moon Bath

A moon bath means that you can take a bath while the moon shines down on you through the window. While you are doing this, take time to meditate on your life and find out what you need to know about your life or your future.

After your bath, write down what you felt and what the moon bath did for you.


Scrying is a tool of divination but when you do it during a full moon or a lunar eclipse, it can feel different. Take time to fill up a bowl with water and put yourself in a way that you can see the moon reflecting on the bowl of water. See if you see any visions or any images in the water.

Dream Board

A dream board can help you to keep up with your dreams and your goals. Make a board and put on it any kinds of pictures or sayings that will help you with your life. Let the moon hit on the dream board and let the energy of the dream board flow through your life.

Using a Candle

You can use a candle and you can light it and look at the flame. Take time to write down what the flame is making you feel and what kind of changes that you need in your life. Write down what you want and what your goals are and let your energy run wild.

Things Not to Do During a Lunar Eclipse

There are many things that you should do during a lunar eclipse to be strong but there are also some things you shouldn’t do. Do not take time to charge your crystals at this time because it can make the energy be too strong. It can also cause the stone to pick up energies that bring confusion.

Instead of charging your crystals at this time, take time to put the ones in water that can be put in water and cleanse them. If you cannot put that crystal in water, use other things such as smudging or salt.

Take Your Time

Let the energy of the full moon and the lunar eclipse calm you. Take time to relax and to find out how you can reach your better self. Let your spirit self be strong and ask your guides to help you. Take time to look back at your life and see what you have learned during this time.