Reading Your Own Tarot Cards

Reading Your Own Tarot Cards

When you get your first deck of tarot cards you might wonder if you should buy it or if someone should give it to you. No matter how you got your tarot deck, the thing to know is that a tarot deck has 78 cards that help you to understand the reality in life.

All of the cards in the deck represent a different kind of event or person that the reading is for. There are energies in the card, and they can help you to understand what you are facing.  The person doing the reading will tell a story about your life based on the different symbols that the cards have. This can be a reading of your past, present or future.

Many people that do tarot readings will often not do a self-reading. This means that when they need to know something, they often have to ask someone else to decipher a card for them. It is not recommended by most psychics to do your own reading. Sometimes a psychic will pull a card each morning and will meditate on the card that they pulled and how it affects their life.

As a beginner tarot reader, it can be hard to understand all of the cards. With there being 78 cards in a deck, each of them are detailed with symbols and signs. The decks do come with instructions but as you work with the cards, it can be hard to understand them right away.

The instructions in the deck are good as a resource and you shouldn’t memorize it because the cards are meant to have a personal interpretation. You should feel what each card means to you personally.

As a beginner, you might feel that you don’t know the tarot cards and that it is like looking at a foreign language. You will not need to book as you practice making you understand the cards and as you get better at it you will see that you will be able to interpret them with your conscious mind.

You as the tarot reader are looking at what the cards mean to you in the situation that you are facing. The cards can be laid in front of you, but you will not be able to fully narrate the cards when you are facing biases.

Is it Bad to Read Your Own Cards?

It is not bad to read your own cards, but it can confuse you. You can stop this by having someone else do the reading for you such as a friend. Make sure it is someone that you trust. Ask open ended questions and let your friend pull the cards from the deck. Your friend will tell a story with the cards, and this can help you to understand your situation more. This can help you to be able to understand each of the cards and how it relates to your won reading.

Nothing bad will happen to you when you do your own reading, it will just be harder to do readings for other people when you interpret your own cards for yourself. No card is going to have the same meaning for the same person, and this is important to know, especially as a beginner reader.