What Do Dolphin Sightings Mean?


If you’ve experienced a dolphin sighting, you probably remember the rush of feeling in awe of nature that washed over you. The meanings of dolphin sightings goes as deep and wide as the waters they travel. Dolphin sightings are most definitely spiritual experiences.

What do dolphins know that we don’t?

It’s likely that at some point in your life, you were fascinated by dolphins. Maybe you’ve heard of dolphins helping a beached whale, or of dolphins that helped save a person’s life by keeping sharks away. Or maybe you’re familiar with dolphins thanks to 1960s TV show (or its 1990s reboot) “Flipper,” which was about the relationship between a young boy and a dolphin. Flipper saved people in peril, and did so whether they were bad or good. Dolphins are heroic and brave, but they can also be very kind and gentle, and show empathy for other creatures. They use their intellect as much as their intuitiveness, and like people, dolphins are both spiritual beings as well as physical beings.

Social, Skilled, and Graceful

If you’re lucky enough to have experienced a dolphin sighting, then you know how social, skilled, and graceful they are. You probably also noticed that dolphins are playful. They’ll swim next to a fast-moving boat, or they’ll frolic with other members of their pod in a lagoon. It doesn’t take long to get the idea that dolphins are not only skillful, but also swift, graceful, and devoted to their group or pod.

Spirit Animals

A spirit animals, dolphins’ playfulness, intelligence and intuitiveness remind people to live in the moment. They intuitively connect not only to other dolphins, but also to all beings in their surroundings. Dolphins listen to the little nudges of danger or excitement and act immediately upon them. Dolphins’ intellect tells them if it’s time to act in defense, or if it’s okay to continue playing. Dolphins live in the moment, but are always at the ready to immediately switch gears if needed because they are so sensitive.

Dolphins remind people not to fixate on little thing, which can seem overwhelming and big—the things that we aren’t able to control. Though danger could strike at any moment, dolphins generally waste no time focusing on potential dangers, because they enjoy having fun. That’s a lesson people must learn again and again.

Totem Animals

As a totem animal, the dolphin is cooperative and protective. It shows selflessness, cooperation, and love. Dolphins maintain strong bonds by placing the overall welfare of the whole pod ahead of their own individual pursuits. If a threat is sensed, the whole pod protects each other. Dolphins are known to work together in protection of the well-being and safety of the whole “extended family.”

Power Animals

As power animals, dolphins show power and confidence. Dolphins have been known to fight off killer whales to save other dolphins. They’re protective and fearless. If your power animal is the dolphin, you’re a confident person who is authentic. You’re comfortable and relaxed in your own skin. You aren’t afraid to just be who you are. You’re like the superhero who arrives on the scene when somebody has to face a playground bully. You don’t give in.

The Symbolism of a Dolphin Sighting

Instinctual, intellectual, graceful, balanced and socially skilled just begin to skim the surface when trying to describe the full meaning of dolphin sightings. People feel deep connections with dolphins because dolphins serve as a reminder to enjoy the moment. Dolphins remind people that we shouldn’t hold on too tightly to the past, or try to look into the future too far. Dolphin sightings are spiritual messages to remind us to just let it all go.

Then and Now

Dolphins have been considered spiritual beings from ancient times. Poseidon, the sea and waters god in Greek mythology, was often seen amongst dolphins. Dolphins brought Poseidon his beloved wife, the sea goddess Amphitrite. The Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, was also often portrayed amongst dolphins. Dolphins are symbols of both healing and love.

Ancient Greeks commonly believed that dolphins ushered the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Ancient Romans, too, believed that it was dolphins who were charged with escorting the souls of dead people to heaven. So you see, dolphins have deep spiritual connections to the ideas not only of death and life, but also of spiritual rebirth and renewal.

For many Native Americans and Christians, dolphins symbolize good luck as well as production. People have always felt profound connections to dolphins, our water mammal cousins. Perhaps someday we’ll learn even more about just how deeply connected we are to them.

With all that you’ve just learned about dolphins, are you more excited about your next dolphin sighting? Or do you want to know more? Schedule a reading with a PsychicOz.com life path psychic right now to find out!