Symbolism of Tigers in Spirituality

Symbolism of Tigers in Spirituality

Traditionally people only see tigers in photos or at a zoo.  But sometimes tigers will appear to us in a dream.  These moments are something we need to reflect upon as this dream is trying to teach us valuable lessons.  By mindfully reflecting on your tiger-rich dream you can better understand your situation and what your subconscious is trying to tell you in order for you to make the best decision possible.

Tigers, as we have been taught, are large felines that live in Asiatic forests as the apex predator.  They have the ability to be both social and solitary animals, that will hunt by themselves yet encounter other tigers from time to time as their territories overlap.


Often seeing a tiger in a dream signifies a need to promote self-growth.  Because this lone hunter has no predators, it may foretell of a challenge that you must face with confidence by yourself.  Identify your goals and set reasons action steps to achieve success.  You can dominate this problem, just as a tiger dominates the Asian jungles.  Key in mind the phrase, “solitary, but social.”  Just as tiger will hunt alone, but share hunting grounds with other tigers, so to must you face your hurdles alone, but pause occasionally to reconnect with friends or family.

Tiger as a totem

If you resonate with a tiger in your dreams, this might mean that the tiger is your totem.  Tigers as spiritual animals have both positive and negative energies.  Some energies will have overlapping abilities like sexual tension.

Aggression is a major negative energy associated with tiger.  When you encounter an aggressive person, you might feel compelled to react with equal aggression.  Struggling with unpredictable is another common negative association.  When confronted with instability you might feel provoked and can reacting erratically.  Harnessing your anxiety and learning how to best process it will be essential on your life journey.  Remember, you aren’t really a wild animal, but your emotions can become feral at times.

Positive tiger traits include personal strength.  Tap into this wellspring of strength when faced with difficulty or stress.  Your strength will help you gain a new perspective to better identify, and ultimately overcome, obstacles.  Other positive aspects of having a tiger totem include vitality and sexuality.

Harnessing the power of the tiger

Channel the tiger whenever you require additional courage, strength and self-esteem.  It will be especially powerful when you have to blaze your own trail to achieve a successful outcome.  Remember that like a tiger, you can share space.  Therefore, spend time occasionally with your loved ones to balance your perspective and energy.  When you are solitary, it can be hard to see anything outside yourself.  Strive to maintain a balanced approach to ensure you remain uplifted and empowered.

Tiger in Chinese astrology

The Year of the Tiger teaches us lessons in balance and unpredictability.  Learn to be graceful yet direct, or brave yet collaborative.  Tiger are the epitome of strength, yet they repress so many emotions.  In both love and life, people born in the Year of the Tiger are independent creatures that enjoy challenges in the pursuit of success.  Although independent this sign must be able to rely on a strong social network which they will have cultivated through their natural magnetism.

Tigers in dreams

Dreams tell both of what is going on subconsciously in life and what may be around the corner.  It reveals deep seeded motivations or fear that we may be unaware of in our daily life.  Seeing a tiger in a dream, consider the role the tiger played?

Was the tiger a part of you or a separated being?  If the tiger acknowledged you was it forceful, social, curious, suspicious, or protective?  Aggression could signal that you are facing obstacles or hostile behavior from others.  Being chased by a tiger reflects running away from trying circumstances and you must harness your inner strength to conquer your fears.  Killing a tiger is akin to “slaying a dragon.”  You are vanquishing all doubt and negativity in your life and creating space for new opportunities and self-growth.  Seeing a protective tiger in your dream signifies a need to tap into your inner wisdom to set and maintain healthy boundaries.  Finally, a friendly tiger indicate you have nothing to fear and acts as a cosmic green light.

With all this wisdom about the tiger’s significant it’s up to you as to how you wield this knowledge.  Consider writing down your experience and insights in a journal.  This will help you track your tiger dreams and listen more fully to what Spirit is telling you about your life.