Soul Revival

Soul Revival

People are always changing and evolving and even though it seems like people are not awake, there is an inner wakefulness that will eventually awake us to find out who we are.

There is a thin line between our self and our soul and the time that we forget that has ever existed.  In doing this, we forget about the gifts that we have and we learn that people are conditioned to get guidance from the society that they live in and when they reach a place where they realize that their efforts are in vein.

There are some people that remember when a veil did not exist, and people spend much of their life trying to figure out the mystery of life.

Soul revival means that you can make discoveries and you can find wounds that are not healed and even though discoveries can be sad or angry, they can also carry things such as guilt and stress.  When you can reach soul revival then you can find the real meaning of life.

Struggle to Revive the Soul

When people have different problems and others don’t experience these things, there is a self-reflection that has to take place in a person, and this can hurt the ego or drive a force where people can have an unconscious mindset.

When we look at our conscious self, we find that we have a sense of identity and we have a strong personality.  The soul is part of a unique and mysterious part of our life and it goes beyond the personality that we have and is the center of who we are.

Everything in the world had a soul and this makes there be unique atoms and changes that are arranged, and we call this the spirit.

When people are looking for their soul purpose, it can be a struggle and it can cause the ego to create a structure of problem that can help us to survive.  Our ego brings about fear and the soul are completely free and not hindered and it can be an experience where you figure out your own soul connection.

The soul revival is part of your conscious self and an experience where you have to detach yourself and find your identity and beliefs and figure out how the foundations work.

If your conscious self seems to be unhappy then the fear of the unknown can cause you to have a strong disillusion of your experiences.  We fear that we are going to be unhappy and when we don’t understand things, we worry that it will destroy us.  People are not willing to give up their jobs that they hate because they want to make money and they are afraid of being poor.

Soul revival is an experience that we reach after we are traumatized and experience things such as a near death experience or an illness that is strong.

Soul Revival

Soul revival is not just a change of the mind, but it is a change that is a new understanding.

Soul revival is a depth of understanding of the universe and the spirit world.  You can learn why you were born and what your calling is and the gifts that you have that are meant to share with the world.  There are past memories and other parts in the life that can come to people.

They come to the idea of a vision or a song and they realize that these things are part of the spiritual guide and they have dreams and strong emotions trying to reach their destiny.

Soul revival comes when someone notices that they need to have change and they have a wisdom and teachings that can unite them and bring them healing.

The soul is part of the conscious mind and there are qualities about yourself that allows us to discover who we are and reveals the gifts that we are born with and we can share with others.

We can understand why we are born, and we have unique qualities that others do not have.  We learn to relate to ourselves and to plant seeds that teach us to grow.  These are sacred parts of our life and our purposes.

There are three different parts of the soul and these include:

  • Core values-beliefs that are strong and helps us to be centered.
  • Core gifts-gifts that are our natural gifts.
  • Core wisdom-knowledge that we have from inside.

Our soul communicates with us through the universe and it uses symbols and things around us to teach us and to give us messages.

Discovering Your Message

People that will listen to their soul revival will experience things and learn to understand their purpose in life.  They might be healers or therapists and they might reflect the idea of their soul.  They might see infinite messages and numbers.

There is no wrong or right way for the soul to speak to you and each message is unique.  There are dozens of ways that soul revival can happen to you and some are natural techniques while some is through meditation, crystal use and other forms of spiritual growth.

Lucid Dreaming

Cultures for years have been using Lucid dreaming to help them find a soul purpose.  This means that you are able to control your dreams while you are asleep, but your mind is awake.

Ecstatic Dancing

Ecstatic dancing is when you listen to music and spin and chatter and listen to the soul.


Sacred rhythms are a powerful way of awareness and this is part of singing and love.


Using rituals and ceremony allows our mind to do repetitive tasks and we can do this by being aware and thankful for things around us.


We can get through nature and connect to our soul by being part of nature.  Nature is important and can expand our life and increase our positivity and help our identities.

Sacred Sex

Some people will have sex, and this can bring soul revival.


Soul revival can happen in many ways and you have to take time to understand it and to seek for your soul to be revived.