Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

If you have ever heard of a spiritual awakening or if you have experienced one, you know that it can change everything about your life. This can bring you or someone else complete happiness and transform their life.

A spiritual transformation is not smooth or always easy, but it can change your life for the best. This can include anyone such as teachers, spiritual healers, inventors, doctors and thousands of other people. Going through an awakening means that you follow techniques and you are mindful of what is going on around you and in your physical and spiritual body.

After doing consciousness work, you will find that you are on your way to a spiritual awakening.

There are people that have went through their awakening that they feel that it changed their life all for the good. Here are some things they have pointed out:

  • They are happier than ever.
  • They see miracles happening.
  • They know their psychic gifts.
  • They become transformed.
  • They become different.

Doing New Things

During your change, you will see that you can grow and that you will become one with the universe!  It becomes easier to connect and to understand things and there will be miracles that happen around you in your life, relationships and in others that you are around.

You will see that you have more energy and that you are happy and you have better health.

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

There are thousands of people that have worked on changing their energies and they have discovered themselves through these things. Here are some of the things they experience during their awakening:

Empathy and Intuition

The person has more empathy and is able to listen to their intuition. They follow their listening with actions.


When you are outside you are drawn to go for walks and to be barefoot in the grass.

Negative People

Those that are going through an awakening want to be away from those that are negative and judgemental.


You might desire a community and to be around people that want the same things as you.


You begin to see that all life is important from people, children and even animals.


You will see that you have a better life and that you are able to be conscious and logical in things that you do.


You learn to stop judging your past and learn to live in the present.


You will find more peace and happiness.


Instead of being negative, you find happiness and you feel positive and connected.


You do not look for attention of others but you want to be around those that see you for who you are.

What Will Happen To You?

You never really know what will happen if you experience your own spiritual awakening. This can be different depending on who you are and what you are going through in life.

When you want to change and you want to be awakened in your spirit, ask your guides to help to guide you and to lead you down the right path in your life.

Not only will you feel happier and see miracles happening around you, chances are you will begin to increase your vibrations and you will notice that your gifts are getting stronger each day.