Shining Light

Shining Light

Shining LightIf your light is shining and it is flowing to the outside then it is a way for your life to be full of energy, love and joy.

The great thing about this is that you can shine your light on any part of your life and it can help you to walk happily.  You can also send light to your friends.


When you go to send out your light, make sure you know what is going on inside of you.

Visualize It

When you go through this process, focus on your heart and how you breathe.  Think about your heart glowing and the light that is inside of you.

Have the light open your heart and turn the energy on.  Talk to the angels and the guides that are found all around you and tune into everything.

Breathe it all into existence and do this with your light and your love.  Use your opportunities and your miracles to help you.

Tune into all the things in time and dimensions.

Breathe all that has been happening and put the light in your heart.  Allow challenges to come and deal with the energies that lower your feelings and let them dissolve and let the light shine.

Keep bringing light into your heart and when you breathe, think about beauty and peace.

Tune into the light in your heart and your body.  Breathe in and let the light in and then exhale and let the light out through your heart and out your hands.

Send the light into the world and every part of your life.

Send the light to your friends.


Breathe in and then relax and then exhale.  Pull all the light into your heart.  Feel the light in your heart and let the light become great in your body.  Shine inside and exhale the light into the world.

Flow the light into all the parts of your heart including your relationships.  Each aspect of your light is glowing, open up and support this spiritual guides and Angels.

Each time you breathe you can increase the amount of light that you hold and let it shine and send out love.


Light is powerful and it is a great way to begin your day.  Refresh your energy each day and relax before you go to bed.  You can send the light wherever you want to and you can make things more positive.

Give this a try and know that love, gratitude and light go hand in hand.