Receiving Messages From Your Angels


angelHave you been wanting to connect with your guides and angels but having a hard time to do so?

Do you sometimes get a sign or message, but want to connect on a deeper level?

We all have to find our own way of connecting with our guides, angels and our loved ones on the otherside. However, through sharing our experiences, we can help each other in our soul’s expansion of connecting with the The Divine Intelligence that will open our hearts and help us realize our natural intuitive abilities.

Here are some suggestions that will help strengthen your connection and open your awareness to the spirit world.

Have a Relationship with RECEIVING . Be in the receiving mode. So many of us give and give, but we do not realize the importance in practicing receiving. When you receive a compliment and respond with a sincere “Thank you,” the universe recognizes your gratitude and sends you more experiences to express gratitude. When you acknowledge and receive the signs and messages from the spirit world, you have just shared with them the joy and gratitude from your heart. Let the universe communicate with you by spending some time today in “receiving mode,” and let those messages come to you.

Love and Surrender. When we communicate with our loved ones in the spirit world, it is a good practice to be in the state of wonder. Be open to receiving signs in different ways. The spirit world will reveal messages to you in a way that you can relate. For example, if you like numbers, the spirit world will communicate back to you through number sequences and numbers that would have a specific meaning to you. If you enjoy music, the spirit world might communicate through a song on the radio or through a lyric or melody.

They will use your world of experiences to send messages of guidance and love.

I was driving recently on a long road trip when I became aware of my angels and guides with me, in my car! As soon as I acknowledged them by feeling their love and excitement, a truck drove past me with the business logo, “Angelica,” written on the side. Then, a second vehicle passed, a little Volkswagen, with the bumpersticker, “Angels on Board.”  I believe that signs and messages can come that quickly, while other times it may take a little bit longer.

Be PATIENT with Yourself  and open up to more possibilities the spirit world uses to communicate. If your phone rings mysteriously after you were just looking through old photo albums, or if the lights in your home flicker, consider it might be the spirit world using these items as a way to show you they are around. Ask the spirit world to send you a BIG message or sign so you would recognize it could be from no other. When you do get the message or sign, it will be heartfelt and joyful. You will experience a higher knowing, even a strong vibe or chill. A spiritual lightbulb will go on and you might say, “Yes, I receive that! Thank You!”

Breathe in POSITIVITY. You are connected to the Divine Spirit. You are a blessed soul. Breathe in and out naturally. Relax more and more with each breath. Let your breathing ground you in the present moment. Namaste.