Manifesting Miracles

Manifesting Miracles

If you have ever felt like it would require a miracle for your dreams to come true, then you have also likely wished for a way to make that miracle happen. All it takes to manifest miracles is the application of a few simple principles that are focused on the Law of Attraction. People often start using the Law of Attraction to transform some area of their lives, but when things do not work as they intended, they lose faith in the Law of Attraction. Perhaps this is where you are in your life. When this happens, there are a few tricks that can help you manifest your desired miracles in your life. These tricks help you use the Law of Attraction so it works for you.

The tricks for how to manifest miracles are shared below:

Get Clear

The first step is to be very clear on what you want to manifest. Make a detailed list of all you want in order to make your happy. For example, if you want to manifest a dream job, list everything that you would want to make you happy including things like location, salary, management, type of co-workers and such. Make sure you also include how you want to feel about and in that job. Write everything out in a clear fashion. If you are struggling to come up with exactly what you want, try writing down what you do not want and then using another sheet of paper, write out the opposite to create your wanted list. Take this a step further by writing a third sheet of why you want each thing.


Spend time each day, even if only five minutes, visualizing your desire. Take time to really experience what it would be like if the miracle manifested even before it happens. Immerse yourself totally in the feeling.

Believe It in Order to See It

We have all heard the phrase: I’ll believe it when I see it, but in order to manifest miracles, you are going to have to shift this way of thinking. You must start believing that your miracle has manifested, long before you see it. The more you can capture this feeling of your dream, the more you can believe it belongs to you. This belief will help you see it faster. It can help to achieve this state faster if you are happy about your goal and your overall life, as well as feeling and showing gratitude for the people and things already in your life.

Surrendered Trust

When you are able to believe to the point that you are very certain of the outcome, you will be able to wait without anxiety. This will mean you do not need to constantly check your watch or calendar to see how much time is passed and are not worried whether your miracle has manifested because you trust the universe has a plan to allow them to manifest. This is when you surrender all your attachments and trust your miracle will come when the time is right.

Clear Your Blocks

It is normal to have some fears and doubts, but do not let them take control of you. When they arise, learn to release them. Denying or burying these fears can lead to energetic roadblocks that put a stop to the manifestation, so try to eliminate them. Ask the universe to guide you in what will best clear these blocks so your miracle can manifest. The universe may provide tasks or opportunities to clear the resistance and limiting beliefs. Whatever the universe brings, remember that it is meant to heal and allow your miracle to manifest.

Work on these steps to allow your miracles to manifest and make your dreams a reality.