Declutter And Be More Happy


        Sometimes, you gotta ask yourself if you really need all the possessions you have? If you’re enjoying your possessions and finding that they serve you, that’s fine. But are you sick of the mess? Depressed by the clutter? Tired of things you no longer use? Do you long for a peaceful living space with only the things that you love? Material possessions can weigh you down and block new things from entering your life. So read about and apply my decluttering tips and get rid of what you don’t need. You will shift your energies hugely if you undertake this challenge!

Take the First Step

Your wardrobe is a good place to start, as most of us have many unworn items of clothing. If things don’t make you feel great, it’s time to let them go. Selling things on eBay or at a yard sale are a few good ideas. It’s helpful to put outfits together as you sort through your clothes. Make sure everything in your wardrobe has something that can be worn with it. The extra cash you make from this first decluttering tip can go towards new things or experiences that really make you feel good!

Pack Things Away

If you’re unsure about letting some things go or are too overwhelmed by the idea of decluttering your house, consider just packing things away for now. When I decided to undertake this challenge, there were some items I wasn’t quite sure about. So, I packed them away for a few months to see if I needed or wanted them. I didn’t, and I ended up selling or donating almost all of the things I had packed away.

Get Rid of Half-Used Items and Doubles

In your process of decluttering, you may find a lot of half-used items. They could be beauty products that have expired or didn’t work. You might have an endless collection of office supplies that you will never get through. Maybe you keep extras around “just in case.” Be brave and get rid of what you don’t use. Sell or donate what you can, but throw out the expired stuff. When decluttering, the goal is to keep only what you use, need, and love right now.

Change Your Shopping Habits

When you go shopping, do you end up with six tops that are almost the same? Do you buy multiples or little decorative things that just take up space? One of the best ways to declutter is to stop yourself from creating clutter in the first place. So, take a different approach to shopping from now on. Only buy what you need and what you really think will enrich your life.

Be Patient With Yourself

Decluttering can take months, and for some, it can even take years. However, it’s an enjoyable process. Just think of the money piling up from all the things you’ve sold, or the good you can do by donating to your local thrift shop. Think about the clear, clutter-free spaces in your home and you may find yourself wanting to let go of more. This, combined with your reduced shopping habits, may encourage you to start exploring minimalism as a lifestyle that frees you up financially, physically. and spiritually.

There are so many benefits to living with less. You can create a zen-like environment in our own home that relaxes you and is great to come back to after a long day at work. You will also question why you wanted so much stuff in the first place. You’ll also have the freedom to move quickly if that’s what you desire. Perhaps you’d like to share your home with a partner. Decluttering your home creates space for them.

Spiritual Benefits

There are spiritual benefits to decluttering too! This powerful process sends out strong messages to the universe that you want to change. You are already changing your surroundings and letting go of items that remind you of your past, so what else can you change next?

Decluttering for Love

Let me share with you a story of a client of mine. She had been single for years. Her wardrobe was stuffed with clothes she never wore, she had thirty different perfumes and a huge sack of sentimental letters, cards, and photos that she’d saved from childhood onwards. She started to clear these things out, and as she saw the benefits, she took things further. She sorted her bag of photos and letters to one single folder and burnt the rest on full moons, thanking them for the memories but affirming that she was ready to move forward. Later, she was down to a single perfume (the one she liked best), one bag of makeup and a simple wardrobe that was stylish, comfortable and made her feel good every day.

A New Way of Being

She became truly satisfied with the possessions she had because she had the space to enjoy them. After a couple of years, she told me that she really had nothing left to let go of. And it was then that life changed for her. She met someone and moved in with him very quickly. Their first home together was serene and spacious, with wooden floors and natural light. She was so proud to walk into it with just a few boxes of belongings and her beautiful antique bed frame! By letting go of so much, she had energetically invited a brand new life into her existence. She had let go of memories and possessions that no longer served and had ended up with a man and a lovely home and a whole new way of being in return.

Decluttering is so powerful! Are you ready to take the first step today? It will lead you to a new future!