What is a Soul Contract?

What is a Soul Contract?

What is a Soul Contract?Some believe that we are not humans that have spiritual experiences but that we are spiritual beings that have human experiences.  Before we came to earth as a human, our souls were in other spiritual beings or in other planes of the universe.  When we want to get higher in the earthly plane, this is a soul contract.

Soul Contract

When we go through life, we will meet people that will impact us more than other people do.  We will connect with them on a deep level and the relationship will be good and will show us a new side of ourselves and will challenge us to be better.  The relationship will allow us to look inside and see what we have done in our life and what we have accomplished.

The people that we meet like this will change us and help us to be better people.  They will show us love and will give us relationships that we wanted even before we came to the earth.  These people are our soul contracts.

Why a Soul Contract?

The reason a soul contract exists is so that we can find our destiny.  Most of us want to be loved unconditionally and so as we meet people, we are always looking for that.  When we come into contact with these soul contracts, we are able to connect with people such as friends, lovers and co-workers and each of these will help us get closer to find real love.  Each of these relationships are part of our agreement in our soul.

Even though predestination does not stop free will, we choose these connections because we want to experience and engage with each other.

It can be noticed that some relationships will come about the same way and when we see them fail, we wonder what lesson we are supposed to learn.  We also sometimes find ourselves repeating the same thing over and over again.

Having a Contract

Most of the time, when we enter into these soul contracts, it will be with a twin flame or a soulmate.  They will come in the form of friendship and in the form of romantic love.

These relationships are different than others because there is a form of intimacy and connection hat challenges us and makes us look deep inside.  This is because the relationship can be so intense due to the high energies that we will have.

When a soulmate is short term or long term, we get a learning lessen from them.  We can reach a higher level in our lives with these experiences and they help us to grow.

Soul contracts that we have that are sexual are still very significant in our lives.  These can be the most influential contracts that we have.  There are also soul contracts that include friends and family members that are just good, strong relationships.

What Does a Soul Contract Do?

The soul contract is meant so that we can challenge ourselves and learn to work through relationships even when they are hard.  We will go through trials so that we can figure out what real love is.  When we don’t see that there is a purpose in our relationship, we won’t work as hard at it and we will associate it with negative things.  This will happen until we learn a real lesson.

When we have relationships that are negative with our family or friend, we will be hurt by them and this can cause us to not understand why we had this relationship.  This can cause people to be in abusive relationships but there is still a purpose for our growth.

We will gain something out of each relationship that we have, rather good or bad and hopefully we will become stronger and learn to value others better.

Having the same thing over and over again will eventually teach you not to be in this type of pattern and will stop you from falling into those types of relationships over and over again.

Soul Family

Everyone has soul family which is a group of people that we meet with over and over again, even through reincarnation.  We will enter into a soul contract with them and it is people that you feel like you have always known even though you just met them.  These can be family or friends or people that fit perfectly with you.

Each time that you enter into one of these relationships, you will be doing it so that you can better yourself and they can better themselves.  Help each other reach a higher spiritual level so eventually true love can come.

Soul contracts bring healing and enlightenment and help us to learn to listen and be compassionate.


Soul contracts can help you to have a life changing moment and see love in a different light.  Each soul contract, even negative ones, will help each of us to learn and to be better in ourselves.

Every relationship is meaningful in some way and can be a huge learning experience.


Entering into new relationships can be scary but keep in mind that each relationship is to help you to figure out how to live a better life and bring you closer to true love.


  1. I appreciate the emphasis on learning and personal development through our interactions. However, it’s also important to consider that some relationships may be harmful and require careful navigation.

  2. The concept of soul contracts offers a fascinating perspective on human relationships. It suggests that our interactions are not random but rather pre-determined to help us grow spiritually.

    • It’s an intriguing idea, but it also raises questions about free will and personal responsibility in our relationships.

    • Agreed, it adds depth to our understanding of why certain people enter our lives, but it doesn’t necessarily diminish the importance of our choices.

  3. While the concept of soul contracts can provide insights into the nature of our relationships, it is essential to balance this viewpoint with a rational understanding of human psychology and social dynamics.

  4. The idea of meeting ‘soul family’ repeatedly through reincarnation is comforting. It implies that we are never truly alone and that there are deeper connections at play in our lives.

  5. The notion that negative relationships can also be part of our soul contracts is thought-provoking. It suggests that even our struggles can contribute to our growth and understanding.


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