Why Does the Universe Give the Right Person?

Why Does the Universe Give the Right Person?

When someone says you have found the right person at the right time, what does it mean? To answer is pretty straightforward. It refers to the person who seems perfect in the moment. This also seems completely natural. It may seem like for once we can be happy with the flowers blooming and sun shining brightly, but this is not something that can be rushed. You cannot push through the universe’s rules just because you think it is time. The universe knows who to send and the right time to send them. Just put your trust in the universe, knowing it will work out. The universe will look out for you and knows instinctively when you are ready. It will never be too late or too early.

Apart from making life seem better in every way, the universe makes sure you have reached your true potential or are on your way. Sometimes, when an added push is needed, then the universe provides who you need.

There are a few other reasons that the universe sends the right person at the right time. These are shared below:

We Are Where We Should Be

The universe takes notice when we are walking on the correct life path. The moment we veer off, we end up with trouble, but if we can get back on track with the universe, we will be rewarded with the right person at exactly the right moment.


There are times when you have no happiness or prospects in our lives. You may be lonely, troubled, or even bordering on depressed. This is when the universe provides someone we can share our thoughts with before it gets to be too much. This is when the universe provides the perfect person.

Lessons for Learning

There are times when we nee to learn life lessons. Sometimes, this lesson is taught by the universe to move us in the right direction on the right path. If we begin to struggle on this path, the universe can send someone to help guide us. This can be bittersweet because the lessons often come with a price, but we end up as better individuals. The people who helped along the way could have been friends, teachers or mentors, and they were exactly what we needed at the time.


There are times in in life when our growth seems to plateau. During these times, the universe will send along someone who will help restart our learning and growth. Though this person may not be in our lives for long, they will serve a purpose and create a positive impact.


There are times when we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of, some more than others. After a while, even the universe tires of watching this catering to the world. This is when someone is sent who tears us apart to the point that the value of boundaries is irreversibly learned. These people may come to us in a big way and while they are not necessarily in perfect in all areas, they are in helping us learn boundaries.


Healing is often necessary and always important in life. This process changes our lives by bringing the healing we may not even know we need. Luckily, the universe knows what we need and will put someone by your side as you heal from trauma, both physical and mental. Keep your chin up as you watch this person enter your life to aid in healing.

If you have come across someone that was perfect for you, then you understand how this all works. If not, then do not settle, the right person will come along. Just let the universe do its job.