Spiritual Awakenings

Spiritual Awakenings

When you begin to mature from your childhood to your adulthood, this can be a type of awakening.  A spiritual awakening is similar, and you will have pains, sadness, questions, and joy.  You will see new discoveries and you will finally be able to put back old ideas.  You will see what the truth is, and you will see what you are able to do.

How do you know if you are having a spiritual awakening?  These experiences come when you are able to focus on your present and push away past fears and future fears.

When you have a spiritual awakening, you will not be able to go back to who you were.  The old you will leave, and you will not be able to go back.  You will grow to know and to love your gifts and you will see that you can experience different feelings and different emotions.

Asking Questions

You will begin to question what your real beliefs are.  You will feel that you are isolated because of your new feelings and that people will not understand you.  Soon though, you will be more comforted, and you will not feel lost or afraid.  You will have questions, but you do not need to share them with others, the answers will come to you.  You can research your own truth.

Having a Purpose

You will question why you are here and what you are going through.  You will be here to understand and to know who you are.  During this time, you will investigate what you believe versus what you have been taught.  You will have a desire to know more and to be able to figure out who you are and what you want out of life.

You will figure out that your labels are not needed and that you need to really discover who you are.


You will no longer need people to come and lift you up and you will see that you can do things for yourself.  You will start to understand who you are and to be kind to yourself.  You will stop feeling like you need to fit in, and you will realize that you are just who you need to be.  Be patient when you are searching, and things will fall into place.


When you go through a spiritual awakening, one of the hardest things is that your friends will change.  You will see that you don’t have the same types of feelings and you will realize that some relationships are over.  This can cause you to feel anxious or afraid.  You might not want to change, and you might want to challenge this and defend your friendships, but they will not understand you.  Listen to what they are saying and see which ones are your friends.  Listen to their concerns for you and walk away from the ones that only seem to care about themselves.

Stop Caring About Things

You loved to shop and buy new things but now you realize that you are not interested in material things as much.  You want to figure out who you are, and you clear out your closet and get rid of a lot of your stuff.  You start to donate things to get rid of them and you shift from who you are to someone new.  You learn to be thankful for what you have and are aware of what you need.

Joy and Loneliness

One stage that you will go through when going through your spiritual awakening is that you will become disconnected to the world.  You will see the world as a whole and you will find joy in beings, but you will find sadness and loneliness in them as well.  You will want to become one with the universe and you will want to feel powerful and loving.

You will feel like you are up and down for no reason.  You will start to say goodbye to parts of your life that don’t help you.  You will feel that you are isolated from people, even if they are around you.  Once again, be patient and you will make it through this.


When you begin to feel the energy from the universe, you will see that you have compassion for all things.  You will feel love and understanding for people, animals, plants and babies.  You will want to love all the things on the Earth and take care of them.  You will interact with new things such as animals and you might even pick up the trash and recycle to help the universe.  You will reach this stage of compassion and you will start to engage in your thoughts with others.  You will want to share your experiences and you will know that you have reached a new height.


The journey to spiritual awakening can be hard but you have to work through it.  Even if you are confused or lonely, know that you will overcome this and make it through.  You will get to a place that is beautiful and full of life.  You will be connected to others by the spiritual energy and to the universe.  You will be more aware and able to wake up in a new light.  Never stop sharing this light with others.


  1. The concept of spiritual awakening as described here parallels many stages of personal development. The emphasis on self-discovery and shedding outdated beliefs is particularly resonant.

  2. The journey described in the article seems to be both arduous and rewarding. The transformation towards compassion and interconnectedness with the universe is particularly inspiring.

  3. Reading about the transition from needing approval from others to becoming independent is enlightening. It highlights the growth in self-reliance and inner strength one might gain during a spiritual awakening.

  4. The article’s mention of feeling a mix of joy and loneliness during a spiritual awakening is quite insightful. It’s interesting how personal transformation often requires a reevaluation of social connections and material desires.

  5. The idea of questioning one’s beliefs and feeling isolated during a spiritual awakening is quite compelling. It seems like a profound, though potentially challenging, journey.


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