Give yourself your very own psychic reading

Give yourself your very own psychic reading

Give yourself your very own psychic readingWith spirituality becoming a dying realm of culture, psychics have begun to take advantage of naïve consumers who don’t believe in their own psychic abilities. Each of us were born with natural psychic abilities and links between our physical selves and mental beings. However, most people believe that tarot card tricks and blessed crystals could be their only potential link to the spiritual.

There are 5 ways to utilize the best tool you have to connect to your psychic abilities…and that tool is your own mind.

  1. Find Your Center

The most essential thing about tapping into your psychic abilities is to find some clarity in your mind. You see, many people acknowledge that there were more psychics hundreds of years ago, but there was also less technology. Our modern world creates a lot of stress and a lot of barriers in your mind that can create distraction and inhibit psychic abilities.

In order to find your center, you’ve got to be able to create a clear headspace for yourself. Here’s one way you can make this happen: Pretend that there is a hole in the middle of your head. Everything in this hole lives in harmony, and every thought/energy wave that you possess can find harmony in it as well. When you send all of your thoughts into that hole, you can find a balanced place where your mind will begin to completely neglect all the negativity and distraction in your life. Here is where you will find your center and psychic ability.

  1. Questioning Your Inner-Psychic

Now is the time when you need to ask yourself what you really wish to know. What is it specifically that you’re needing from life in this very moment? What do you wish was happening to your life in its current state? Your psychic self can actually hold the answers to these questions better than your natural state could understand, so you need to make sure you’re asking these questions with a clear mind.

You could ask yourself questions like “What’s my dream occupation?” and “What kind of person do I want to be with for the rest of my life?” Keep these questions rather specific at first as open-ended questions tend to lead to unclear thoughts and answers from your psychic self. Try to pretend like you are two different people doing a question and answer session. Interview the psychic part of you to really get to know your spiritual side.

  1. Perform a Self-Scan

It’s definitely okay if you don’t hear the answers you’re looking for…or any answers at all. You can always continue diving deeper into your psychic self for answers or trying other techniques. For instance, you can image a large blank screen on the inside of your brain, right in your mind’s eye. Sometimes, images that can help answer your questions will appear, especially if you begin by envisioning abstract shapes, colors, and sounds, almost like a movie on the screen that will eventually take the shape of your answers.

Along with this movie, there’s going to be sounds. Music, voices, and ambient noises will all be a part of the answer. Listen to them and try to decipher the message. What is it that they’re trying to tell you? If you have certain emotions about them that you can’t explain, diving further into those emotions can also help you find the answers.

  1. Go Deeper

Now that you’ve got an answer, even if it’s a shallow one, or just a “surface” answer, you’ll want to explore those emotions and impressions further. All of these shapes, colors, voices, and music created one common theme within your mind. Whatever that theme was, you should apply that theme to the questions you have about your stage of life.

Dive deeper into what you’ve already learned about yourself. If your answer to your dream occupation had to do with office buildings or small children, then do the same exercise with more specific questions. If the chakra near your throat seems to be giving off some sort of feeling or tightness, then you’re nearing some sort of answer, and you should explore that emotion or line of thinking some more.

  1. Find your way Back to Your Center

Now that you have all of the information you were seeking, you don’t want to stop the exercise immediately. If you do, you might end up losing memory of the answers and thoughts you had while interviewing your psychic self. After you thank your psychic self, make sure to find your way back to your center to harmonize all of your new thoughts with your old. Upon exiting your center, you’ll find that you have a much clearer picture of the answers you were exposed to during the interview.


  1. The idea of performing a self-scan with visual imagery and sounds is quite fascinating. It seems like a form of guided meditation.

    • Indeed, Spicy. It does resemble the principles of mindfulness and meditation practices that are widely advocated for mental health.

  2. The concept of inner psychic abilities is intriguing. However, the method of ‘finding your center’ seems somewhat abstract. It would be interesting to see any scientific grounding for these techniques.

  3. The emphasis on questioning one’s inner-psychic and diving deeper into those answers is thought-provoking. It aligns with self-reflection practices often recommended by psychologists.

    • Yes, self-reflection is a powerful tool for personal growth. It would be intriguing to see if exploring psychic abilities enhances this process.

    • It’s a good point, Celia. Recognizing and understanding our inner thoughts can be a valuable exercise, whether or not one believes in psychic abilities.

  4. The article provides a structured approach to exploring one’s psychic abilities, which I find quite methodical. However, I wonder if the results are consistent across different individuals.

  5. I’m curious about how practical these exercises are in daily life, especially with the fast-paced nature of modern society. Can these techniques be integrated seamlessly into our routines?


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