Why Is It Great To Be Single?


    Are you afraid of being single? Are you thinking that being single means being alone? or maybe you’re thinking that you’re unwanted? Thing again… You might be missing out on some of the greatest moments (and opportunities) in your life. Take a look at a few of the many reasons to celebrate the single life.

Better Looking
Singles stay slimmer longer than married people. That’s probably because they have more time to go to the gym and more focus to spare for nutritional goals. People in relationships are more likely to skip Pilates and eat out or stay in cuddling (and snacking) on the couch. And it’s not just about fitness; single people put more effort into their appearance across the board. Whether you’re looking to hook up, or just going out more often, when you’re single you just have more of an excuse to look your best. There’s a definite tendency for couples, particularly those who have been together for a while, to relax about these things. They know their significant other knows how great they can look, so they can scale down on the maintenance time. As comforting as it can be to be appreciated unconditionally, when you put that something extra into yourself – whether it’s exercise, fashion, hair or makeup – you know how good you look, and it shows. That confidence in your appearance leaves you looking poised, radiant and anything but lonely.

Better Connected
Who said one has to be the loneliest number? Singles have more friends, better connections and superior support systems than people in relationships. They spend more time out at functions, and are more open to meeting people in general. That, in turn, makes other people more open to meeting them. Studies show that singles tend to make eye contact more often than those who have a partner, which invites others to approach. Meeting people can mean a lot more than new friends – it often leads to exciting opportunities, which is probably why singles have been found to be the best networkers.

More Supportive
It’s certainly possible to be a good friend when you’re half of a pair, but there’s only so much of you to go around. When a huge chunk of your time (and emotional energy) isn’t dedicated to one other person, you pay more attention to your friends and family. You’re more aware of what’s going on in their lives, and you can be fully there when they need you. And that equation works both ways, because being more present in your friend’s lives means they’re better able to support you, too. When you think about it, it’s a worthwhile investment of yourself. We’re lucky if one love pans out for a lifetime, but are no such restrictions on lifetime friendships.

More Spontaneous
When you’re flying solo, you can pick up and take off at any time. Your friends are up for a last minute Vegas escape? Go for it. Work wants you in Europe for a month? What’s holding you back? Even huge changes like changing careers or moving across the country are easier when they don’t always involve another person.

Singles also get to revel in more life experiences and a greater variety of activities. While couples tend to fall into a predictable routine, singles spend time with people of diverse interests and are better at avoiding the usual traps – same dinner time, same restaurants, same weekend routines. There’s a big world out there to explore. Live it up – and mix it up – before you settle down.

More You 
Being single means time to yourself, time to relax, time to better yourself. Singles spend more time on projects and activities that enrich their lives. They also are more in tune with their own desires and goals. It’s not just a matter of focusing on career or even self-improvement, time with yourself is time for self-knowledge and discovering your strength and independence. Don’t sell yourself short. You owe it to yourself (and any future partners) to revel in the fullness of the single life.