What is an Earth Angel? Are You One?

Earth Angel

Do you know someone that seems to shine, and they have such a magnetic personality that you are just always so drawn to them? These are people that seem to bring light and love wherever they go.

If you know someone like this, then chances are that they may be an earth angel. Earth angels are people that are empathic, loving, sensitive, givers, lovers, servers, and they do what they can to make a difference in the lives around them.

Earth angels are not real angels, but they are like angels because they are so kind and loving and inspirational. They can help others heal and they tend to see the good in everyone. They see life as happy and sometimes they are called lightworkers or healers.

Here are some signs that you or someone you know is an Earth angel:

Overly Sensitive

Some people might call them overly sensitive, but they just have no place for negative energy. They hate violence and they love everyone, so they do not tolerate hate. They are people that cannot watch scary or violent movies and they just want everyone to love each other.

These people have a hard time in big crowds, and they don’t like things that are too loud. Their environment can overwhelm them so they have to be careful where they go, or they can get tired and wiped out.

Earth angels often isolate themselves and shield themselves from being around negativity.

Love Being Alone

You need time by yourself so that you can recharge and feel better in your life. Since you are always helping others, quiet time is important to replenish the energy that you give to others.

Earth angels need time to get their energies back in order so that they are ready to help others along the way.

Care About Everyone Else

Earth angels care about everyone they meet. They want to help others to feel better and they feel that this is part of their calling. They know what hurt is like and they want people to be spared from hurt and pain.

If you need someone to talk to, an earth angel will stop what they are doing to help you.


An earth angel does not follow what the world tells them to, and they do their own things. They don’t follow traditions just because other people do, and they don’t always do what they are told. They look for their own truth and they figure out how-to live-in society.

Earth angels do their own thing, and they do things in a way to make others better. They follow their own rules and when they work in a corporate setting it is hard for them to be restricted and to have such structure.

Earth angels are often found doing jobs in the humanitarian positions such as a counselor, therapist, massage therapist, doctors, nurses, or other things that allow them to help people along the way.

Strong Intuition

Earth angels have strong emotions, and they know how to use their intuition to guide them. When they have to make choices in life, they find out what their inner voice is telling them, and they listen to it.

They are able to listen to the messages that the spirit guides give them and they can make decisions based on what their angels say. They listen to the universe, and they do their best to be helpful and to live their best life. They have a strong spiritual self.

Feeling Out of Place

An Earth angel will often feel out of place in the world. They have a hard time getting close to people because they are often on their own plane. They wonder why they are on the earth, and they are old souls. They know what other people are feeling and they know what it means to have a higher purpose.

Earth angels are connected to all things around them, and they appreciate the world around them. They are connected to things that they see and feel.

They have a connection with nature that is strong, and they are connected to the earth and the animals and all the elements. When an earth angel feels out of place, they need to have alone time to reconnect with themselves and with the universe.

Do you feel that you are an earth angel? Look at the traits above to see if you have any of them and then you can know if you are an earth angel.