What is a Soul Blueprint and How Do I Discover Mine?

Soul Blueprint

The blueprint of the soul is something that has often caused people pain and suffering in their life. You will face challenges and see the things that other people have to face that are hard and through it all, you probably wish to find meaning.

Why are people unhappy? Why can they not live the life that they want and the life that they deserve and instead they have to deal with pain and hurt? How can we get over pain so we can find happiness?

Why Do We Have Challenges?

People have challenges that were created before they even came to earth. They encounter problems in their life and their soul will change and expand in their conscious thinking. There are challenges that you will have to face.

Before you even came to earth, you were set before a council that told you about your life and how it would evolve over time. Everyone has different lives and different experiences that they have to go through.

Even if it is hard for you to believe or understand, some things that you experience are chosen by you. You might wonder why you chose that life and here are some of the reasons:

  • You chose your parents before you came to earth.
  • You chose where you would live your life.
  • You chose the challenges you would have to face.
  • You chose your sign.
  • You chose the people that would be in your life.

The spiritual team that you have is part of your blueprint. You knew that you would have free will and that they would be part of the path that you created. Your soul knew this and decided to take that path.

Free Will

Everyone has free will. We have free will to help us to deal with the problems and challenges that we have in our life. This can help you to reach your higher self and be the part of you that you created. The challenges that you have will help you grow and become mature in life.

The experiences that you have are planned and once you learn the challenges, you will see that they are exciting and will work out for your enlightenment.

These things that happen are not bad and they can help you to be aware of things that you never thought you would know. This also brings you joy and peace.

Soul Group

You have a soul group that are people in your life that come to you so that they can walk their journey with you. This will help you to reach your goals and to achieve the things that you need to do. You might have people in your life that are hard to deal with, but they are put there for a purpose. Not everyone that comes to you in your life are from the same time.

You often choose to lose from your enemies and your soul group will be part of that. Your life is like a game and everyone has their part to play in what happens in your life.

You will be able to see things from a better perspective when you die, and your spirit goes out of the world. Understanding your life might make things easier but there will still be challenges.

If you have someone that you had met in your life before, chances are that they will be part of your soul group. They will come to you in this lifetime, and they will help you to stay on your life path.

Why Choose Challenges?

Challenges are there to help you to change and become your best self. You chose them before you even came to earth.

Someone would want to learn their lessons and they will do this by going through challenges and by getting help from their spirit guides.

Everyone has different challenges because they want to learn different things. Everyone has past lives that they have chosen and the challenges that they face are part of their life experience.

Someone might choose to be patient and so they live a life that teaches them to have patience and compassion for others.

Making it Through Challenges

Looking at your life is all about perspective. You can reach your higher self and you can see this as a thing that isn’t there to hurt you but to help you grow. If you look at them as something to help you, you will see that you are reaching your goals and that you are doing what it takes to help others.

The best thing that you can do in your life is to help others.

Positive or Negative?

Using the term bad to describe what you go through in life is not the right perspective. Your higher self might not see this as bad but a good thing to help you grow and to become who you are meant to be.

It is a good thing to know that you can see things from the bigger picture, and you can reach your higher self. You might think ‘that your higher self doesn’t agree but its because you only see bits and pieces of what is going on and your higher self sees it all.

You might think that you are in the best relationships and that you have your life together, but your higher self knows that you are going to meet someone else in a little while that will help you to grow and be the best you can be.

They will be there to fulfill you and to help you be your best self. We decide what we think is good or bad and we have to decide what we think about things.

Sometimes there are blessings that you don’t realize and because you don’t know all the facts, the situation can seem gloomy but the pain and suffering that you have is there to help you get what you want in life.

Figuring Out Your Blueprint

The best way that you can figure out what your blueprint is, is to ask these questions:

  • What makes me excited in life?
  • What things did I love when I was young?
  • What do I like to do during my spare time?
  • If I had all the money in the whole world, what would I do with it?
  • What do I love to learn about?
  • What movies do I like to watch?

What is Holding You Back?

There are a few main things that hold people back including:


One of the biggest things that hold people back is fear. Not knowing what is going to happen in the future can be fearful for some people and people don’t like the unknown.


Some people have different beliefs that hold them back. These are things that were taught to us as children, and we have held on to them. Some are good but some have to be let go.

Not Worthy

If you have feelings that you are not worthy, then you will have a hard time moving forward in your life. You will develop these feelings from a young age, and they will shape how you see yourself later.

How to Overcome Things Holding You Back

You can overcome fear by learning that not everything is understood. You will see things as they happen, and you have to sometimes face the unknown. Do not let this hold you back.

Once you stop being afraid, you will become more comfortable with new things.


Do what you have to do to change beliefs that are holding you back. Do not let negative thinking and limits keep you from being the best that you can be.

Not Worthy

Learn to feel worthy and to understand that you are better than you realize. Write down things you are good at and things you do that make you feel good.

Universe and Guides

Your spirit guides are there to help you along your journey. They are there to help you when you are about to make bad decisions and to help you back on the right path.

Your guides will give you messages through the radio or through different signs that you can see. Here are some signs they want to get your attention:

  • You hear or see something over and over again.
  • License plates have special sayings.
  • You hear people talking about things you are going through.
  • You have strangers give you advice.
  • You hear songs on the radio about you.
  • You have dream messages.

Doing Your Part

Here are some ways you can know if you are doing your part in life:

  • You do things that give you energy.
  • If something is giving you energy move forward but if it is draining stop doing it.
  • You get excited and do things.
  • You feel drained and you stop doing those things.
  • You feel you are being pulled in different directions.
  • Your intuition tells you your highest good.
  • You learn things that help you in your life.
  • Your time goes either really fast or really slow.


You will face different challenges in your life, and they will help you to grow and to learn lessons that challenge you and help you to reach your higher self. You will move through your life fast, and you will make your soul happy.

The challenges are hard sometimes and they can be painful but when you see them from your soul perspective, you see that these things are there to help you to have a better life and to see new things.

Try to wait for your challenges to teach you something and look at them from a different point of view. Ask yourself questions and find out the reasons that you are going through these things.

Follow your heart and reach your higher self. Let your challenges be a gift to you and overcome your lessons so that you can do the best you can do. Knowing your soul is going to have a greater thing in the next life will help you to face your challenges and to be the best that you can be.


  1. The idea that fear, beliefs, and feelings of unworthiness hold us back is quite accurate. It aligns with psychological theories about self-limiting beliefs and the impact of childhood conditioning on adult behavior.

  2. The perspective on challenges as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles is a positive and potentially transformative way to approach life’s difficulties. It may help in developing resilience and emotional intelligence.

  3. The article provides a comprehensive approach to understanding life’s challenges from a spiritual perspective. It offers a lot to ponder, particularly on the interplay between free will and predestined experiences.

  4. The notion of a soul group is interesting. It provides a sense of interconnectedness and purpose behind our relationships. However, it might be a challenge to empirically validate such a concept.

  5. The concept of choosing our challenges before birth is intriguing. It aligns with some spiritual philosophies but contradicts deterministic views. It’s fascinating to consider how free will intersects with preordained choices.


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