What Does it Mean to be a Gemini

What Does it Mean to be a Gemini

Do you have a lot of wisdom and do you want to have a stable life and live a life of excitement and fun? Do you find yourself in different situations where you feel weird?  The truth is, you are not strange, you are just a Gemini.

The Gemini sign is a unique sign and these people often have different quirks. They also have interests that are different and many of them include solving problems that come in their life.

If you are a Gemini and you are able to easily deal with change and you like to use your mind to solve situations, chances are you would like to hear some information about your personality.

Facts About the Gemini

Here are some facts about being a Gemini:

  • Born between May 21st and June 22nd.
  • Known as the Twin Sign (Castor and Pollux of Greek Mythology).
  • Have different sides in their personality.
  • Love change.
  • Make a perfect partner with the Sagittarius.
  • Are fun loving.
  • Have strong boundaries.
  • Never bored.

Traits and Behaviors

The Gemini is a unique sign and they love to socialize and make friends. One of their favorite things to do is to talk to other people.

If you are afraid of talking to a Gemini, chances are you will miss out on great things that they have to tell you. They will never stay on one topic for long and they have so much knowledge about different things that they can keep you busy for hours by just talking.

This sign is very smart and knows a lot of information about a lot of different things.

The Gemini is a sign that is predictable and stable. They have a lot of energy and they love to show their sensitive side. This sign is very smart, but they become upset easily when they are put in negative situations.

The mood of the Gemini can change fast and even though they are usually very happy and friendly, they can change moods fast.


The Gemini have problems just like other people, but they seem to have a problem with directions. They will want a partner that likes to do fun things and they look for someone that is a lot like themselves.

This sign is reliable, and they are stable, but they want to be balanced in their life, relationships and in their jobs. They look for success and them like a variety of people and no personality is unacceptable to them.

This sign loves to be in a relationship, and they love to fit in. They will seek to find people that are fulfilling in their lives and they want to have a career that includes things they are interested in.

The interest of the Gemini will change often, and they are very smart and have many skills so finding a job is easy for them. This sign loves to see people pleased and will go out of their way to make others happy.

This sign is not usually superficial or two faced and they are able to communicate well and to show people who they really are.

The Gemini is tuned into what they want, and they love to share their life with people they love and to be with people that are emotional like they are.

Gemini’s look for other people that are creative and different, like they are. They want to be with someone that keeps their interest. They would rather find one person that makes them happy to talk to rather than talk to the whole room.

If you have a friend or a potential lover who is a Gemini, you will see that they are charming, exciting, different, and smart. The Gemini is someone that you should try to get to know because they will captivate you with their personality and keep you coming back for more.