Ways of reading tea leaves

Ways of reading tea leaves

Ways of reading tea leavesReading tea leaves is not as mysterious as you may think.

The art of reading leaves needs two essential elements just like any other types of divination such as dowsing, palmistry, tarot cards and using the Ouija board.

The client drinks the tea and leaves a drip or two liquids at the bottom of the cup. The reader then takes the cup for interpretation. he interprets the meanings of symbols formed by the wet tea leaves.

Proceed with these steps

Collect what you need for your tea reading session. Warm water, loose tea, a white or light-colored teacup, napkin, and saucer.

Put a teaspoon of loose tea leaves in the cup. Fill the cup with hot water.

Let the client hold the cup with her hands as the tea seeps. During this time, the client should be paying attention to the questions. The question can be said louder or not at all.

The tea is ready to be taken if it’s not hot anymore but a bit warm. Be cautious not to swallow the tea leaves. Let a small amount of water remain in the cup.

Give the cup to the reader who will, in turn, swirl the liquid in circles to allow it to stick to the sides of the teacup.

After placing the napkin on the saucer, turn the cup upside down onto the saucer.  After some minutes, turn the cup back to its upright position.

The symbols are interpreted differently; this depends on how the reader feels when seeing them.

Tea reading skills that are helpful

If you don’t have a teacup, you can use bowl rice. This is because it has sloped sides which makes it the best option if one doesn’t have a typical cup. Better use it rather than using a coffee mug.

The meanings for the symbols in tea leaf reading instructions are to be used as guidelines. You should interpret the meanings yourself, that’s the true art of divination.in short, Be your own psychic.

You may want to interpret the shapes formed on the saucer if lets some tea tumbled onto the napkin. Contemplate of any information from the saucer as an added advantage.

Divination is an art, do not forget that. You will become better at intuiting the answers to the questions if you practice frequently.