Ways Loved Ones Connect with You by Spirit Animals

Ways Loved Ones Connect with You by Spirit Animals

Sometimes after a love one passes, you begin to see a specific animal almost everywhere.  This may happen for a variety of reasons.  Consider if your loved one had a special affinity for this type of animal.  This animal may be coming into your life because when you see them you immediate will think of your loved one.  It could be a message that they are always close by and are at peace.

When someone dies, their spirit’s key concern is letting those they love know that they are fine and nearby.  Spirits want us to feel comfort and will send signs at the moments you need them the most.  If seeing this animal makes you think of your special person, then their message is coming across as “I am doing well, and I have not left you.”

The next possibility is that this animal you are seeing is your spirit animal.  These guides arrive when you need to learn a special lesson or harness a power within you.  People possess many guides during their life, and will change as our journey progresses and we need assistance in different sectors.  Over time we will encounter a variety of guides and angels that shepherd us through challenges and life transitions, especially when our situation seems to be at its darkest.  However, we have one main guide that stays with us throughout this lifetime.

Spirit animals are guides who embolden us with strength and resistance throughout our lifetime.  They will appear to you for vital reasons.  It can be helpful to ask your spirit animal to reveal itself to you either in a dream or during a mediation, and ask “What are you trying to teach me?”

Crows, for example, appear when you are preparing to manifest a long-held goal or project.  Pay close attention for any additional signs for key messages or directions.  Be prepared for major life change.  If something seems out of order or greatly imbalanced, make sure you address it.

Remember your spirit guides can change as our needs adjust.  A deceased loved one may send you a particular guide to offer healing and insight that is needed in your lift at this exact moment.  Make sure you connect with nature.  The peace it offers can help you feel a greater connection to your guides and deceased loved ones.  Rest assured people you loved will always be in your heart, and only a thought away.