Ways To A Happier State Of Mind


         Negative energy can make its way into your life through an unexpected, unhappy interaction with a friend or coworker, a breakup with a significant other or an unexplained bad mood. Even the most positive people experience negative energy now and then, and no matter how it creeps in, it’s important to let those buzz kill vibes out ASAP and release negative energy. So, if you’re feeling dragged down, get yourself back over to the positive side with these five no-fail tactics.

1. Get Sweaty
A good workout can certainly do wonders for your mood and well-being, and help you release negative energy. Go for a run, take a yoga class or hit a punching bag. Soon, you’ll feel stress, negative energy, and general blah-ness (to use the technical term) fade away. Your brain will release endorphins as you get your sweat on, and this also creates a feel-good chemical reaction in your body. Plus, it’s hard to feel entrenched by negativity when you’re reminded of how incredible your body is for being able to move.

2. Talk It Out
Sometimes, just getting your feelings out in the open can help change your energy from negative to positive. Vent to a friend, have a heart-to-heart with your partner or just talk to yourself in the car on your morning commute. Getting your feelings out in the open will certainly release negative energy from your mind and body, allowing you to feel less weighed down by it. You don’t need to find the solutions to your problems; you just need someone who will listen to you, and that will make you feel less negative.

3. Fire It Up
There’s nothing more cathartic than setting things ablaze. If you’re feeling negative energy following a breakup, consider starting a fire (safely) and burning the cards and letters from your ex. Watching the papers turn to ash will provide a physical manifestation of the end of your relationship, also helping you process and move on more quickly as you remember the scene in your mind. Plus, you won’t feel tempted to reread the words your once-beloved wrote to you, which will only stoke the fires of regret and anger.

4. Tidy Your Space
Clearing away clutter from your home will help you feel calmer and at peace. Take away everything in your space that doesn’t make you happy or that reminds you of something negative. For instance, give away the clothing you don’t fit into anymore, things you bought that you regret purchasing, the coffee table you always stub your toe on—whatever objects that keep you rooted in a negative place. This will free you from being constantly reminded of bad vibes and help you release negative energy.

5. Breathe Deeply
The moment you feel negativity entering your mind, take a long, deep breath, then release it slowly. You’ll be full of calming energy to combat the negative and you’ll be better equipped to process and release negative energy. Breathing keeps you rooted in the present and in your body, which helps you fight off anxiety, stress, and worries.