Using Spiritual Energy in Your Life

Using Spiritual Energy in Your Life

Many people are seeking ways to reduce stress, help to heal, and have peace of mind. These things can be achieved by working with spiritual energy to influence and work in your life. Spiritual energy can be defined in different ways depending on your religion, culture, or personal experience. Generally, it is the ultimate life force. It is what makes our souls everlasting. It is also what gives life to all of creation.

Understanding Four Types of Spiritual Energy

Most have condensed all the world’s beliefs into four types of spiritual energy. The commonality is they all depict life force energy but are called different names according to the culture.


This is the Hindu word meaning breath but is understood to be a life-sustaining force. This is the force that is in everything. This force survives all things, even death.


The Chinese call this energy Chi or Qi. In that belief system, the life force is divided into two energies. They are defined as female and male or yin and yang energies. This belief concentrates on balance and spills over into otherworldly ideas that good and evil create a balance.

Divine Love

This concept is prevalent through many different faiths including Christianity and Judaism. This is typically associated with the love of God. Those in these faiths include the idea that God is love, is eternal and unchanging. God is holy and can’t be corrupted.

Mother Earth

This is a concept adopted by Native American cultures. While all tribes and Nation has their own identifiable beliefs, most start with the concept that Earth is the mother and the sky is the father. This belief prompts respect for all living things on Earth and the need to work in harmony with nature.

Living With Spiritual Energy

Each belief system has a way for humans to connect with it. Humans have an internal need to tap into this energy for enlightenment and healing. Many religions and beliefs promote enlightenment.

There are two ways to access this energy. One is Kundalini Yoga which unlocks chakras. The root chakra, located at the spine’s base, contains this spiritual energy and that energy must go through all seven chakras and additionally three knots before enlightenment is gained.

The other way to tap into this spiritual source is through meditation. Meditation is a broad term and can cover many different types. This includes mindful meditation practiced by Buddhists, sitting meditation which focuses on breathing exercises, Tai Chi that balances yin and yang chi energies, and transcendental meditation based on Hindu beliefs where a sacred mantra is repeated. It also includes walking meditation, such as a walk through nature, praying found in many religions, and vision quest. A vision quest is common among Native American and indigenous people where a young person participates as a rite of passage to establish a spiritual connection. A vision quest includes many aspects, including no sleeping, fasting, journeying, and solely focusing on the quest.

Jesus Christ, in a sense, did this when He spent 40 days in the wilderness after His baptism. It is in the wilderness where the Bible states Jesus was tempted by Satan at least on three occasions.

Using Spiritual Energy to Heal

Every faith and belief has the concept that spiritual energy can assist in healing, and even offer full miraculous healing. There are nine ways to use spiritual energy to heal.

Opening Chakras

Many believe activating chakras to balance spiritual energy. When the seven chakras are working well, energy flows throughout the body.

Getting Acupuncture

This ancient method of medicine calms hyperactive energy channels and opens up blocked chakras to help the body’s energy system work correctly. This can help correct many types of medical issues.

Qigong Practice

This system using repeating physical movements to open chakras and help to heal chi work in the body. This system comes from Taoism and Buddhism.

Yoga Positions

Using these ancient positions can force the body, mind, and soul to work together which helps chi energy flow freely, promoting healing.

Using Ayurvedic Medicine

This is another way to bring the body back into balance so the prana can flow through the chakras.

Healing Hands by Daoism

This is called Tuei-Na in China and is the oldest identifiable Chinese healing practice. The idea is to push away to take out abnormality to manipulate meridian points to balance and adjust the body.

Laying on of Hands

This is practices in many Christian faiths, especially those in the Pentecostal and charismatic denominations. This practice first began with Jesus Christ when he touched people to transfer His healing energy to the sick. Some faiths anoint with oil as well.

Healing by Faith

Faith healing often accompanies the laying on of hands and is done through prayer and sometimes fasting. In faith healing, the healing energy request of the person praying is transferred to the sick. It can also be done by the sick person without any assistance through prayer, but often includes others as most believe there is power in corporate prayer. These prayers do not need to be done in a ceremony or in person but can involve many across the world.

Healing Ceremony

This is done by Native Americans and is called a Purification Ceremony or oenikiki, which means breath of life. Each tribe has its variation and involve medicine men or women, who lead the ceremony as a representative of the spiritual world. The job of a medicine man or person is to make people aware of the healing process available within you. This ceremony can also involve saging for purification.

All of these methods and healing practices have a goal in mind, to make you at one with the spiritual. That will bring peace of mind, help you deal with problems, and improve your body balance that promotes healing.