Using Intuition for Your Relationships

Using Intuition

Do you have intuition when it comes to finding a partner and meeting their needs? Do you have someone that is so close to you that you could finish their sentence? Did you feel that you had this strong bond but now it has gone away?

Even though it doesn’t make sense, people in long term relationships often forget who the other person is. When they face challenges that couples face, it can be complicated for their feelings. The relationship like this just needs to have a little more love and understand and you can do this by learning who your partner is again and an again.

Grounding Yourself

You have to learn to ground yourself, especially when you get frustrated and irritated in life. The best way to get your intuition is to calm your mind and to listen to yourself deep breathing. Pay attention to your emotions. Can you know what you are feeling?

Doing this can help you to calm down and to learn to read yourself. You have to be able to read yourself to be able to read your partner. Ask your partner to sit with you and to deep breathe. See if you can read their mind and understand their cues.

Eye Reading

You can tell a lot about a person by what is in their eyes. Having large pupils can mean that someone is excited or stressed. This can also mean that someone is lying to you.

When you look at someone in the eyes, you can tell who they are. When they look away or leave when you ask them a question, it can mean they are lying or that they are not agreeing with what you are saying. They can also be detaching from you so that they don’t have to tell you what is on their mind.

Have you ever talked to your partner, and they close their eyes for a long period of time? This can mean that they are in an uncomfortable situation, and they don’t want to talk about what you want to talk about. Have you ever had them look from you to someone else? This can mean that they are in pain. If their eyes are moving around and around, it can mean that they are not being entirely honest.

You can look at their eyes to get answers, but you also need to look at their full body language.

Body Language

When you talk to someone, it isn’t just your words that you are giving them. When you pay attention to what someone is saying, your body language will completely change than when you aren’t paying attention. Body language can make you know if someone is nervous, such as licking their lips, or rubbing their neck can mean they are stressed. If they look away, or act like they aren’t listening, it can mean they don’t want to talk about what you are talking about.

Posture is also another thing that you can read. Are they relaxed or are they in a stressed-out posture? Are they being confident or are they slouching? This can let you know if they are defensive or confidence.

Reading Your Partner

Being able to read your partner is very important. It is a way that you can know who they are and what they are feeling. It is how you can know if they are going through hard things or if they are being negative or if they are disappointed in themselves or in you.

Negativity can spread and you have to make sure that if your partner is being negative that you do not let this energy attach to you. If you think negatively of yourself, you are allowing your partner to be affected too.

If you have a good attitude, your partner will see this, and it can change their negative feelings to something positive. Relationships are not easy and even if you are ignoring negativity, you need to talk to someone when things start to feel stressful.

Talk to a counselor or get couples therapy to help you.


When you want to connect with your partner, practice paying attention to them. There is no time to start like now. When you are sitting on the couch together and they talk to you, give them your undivided attention. Get off of your phone and get closer to them.

Learn to have feelings like you had when you first started falling in love.

Be Empathetic

Learn to pay attention to what your partner needs and how they are reacting to you. Learn to be compassionate and empathetic towards them. Pay attention to how you are treating each other.

To understand love and relationships, you have to know that things are not easy, and you have to learn to listen to your intuition. Pay attention if you are growing apart from your partner so that you can fix it.

Everyone deserve to be in love and if you are in a relationship that is lacking, figure out ways to fix it and make your relationship strong and loving.