Using Feng Shui to Harmonize Your Living Space


Feng shui can help you if you’re seeking balance in your life. Transforming your home or workspace can be a catalyst for positive change. The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is based on the concept that people are affected by the energy flowing in their surroundings. Practicing feng shui will help this energy to flow properly. This will result in more joy, clarity, and purpose in your daily routine and your interactions.

Though feng shui may be a foreign concept to you, it’s easy to adopt. You can start with small changes if you’re concerned about breaking the proverbial bank. The first step in feng shui is to understand its five elements and learning how they can work together to bring harmony to all aspects of your life, whether it be in your family, your friendships, a romance, or your career.

The Five Feng Shui Elements

Each of the five elements, which are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, possesses a unique energy. Items related to the elements can be arranged in a certain way that will help line your physical environment up with your personal goals and needs.

Each of the five feng shui elements has corresponding colors which should be incorporated in proper amounts. An excess of one color blocks the energy of other colors, while too little of a color may give you the feeling that there’s something missing.

Each of the five elements is important to everybody, but you also have a personal “lucky” element based on your sign in the Chinese zodiac. Your sign is determined by your birth year according to the Chinese calendar.


The element of wood affects your finances, family life and health. It’s best placed in the northern area of your home or workspace. Wood can bring vitality, growth, and abundance. The wood element is reflected in shades of brown and green.

A good way to incorporate these colors in your home is to use live foliage and plants. There are many types of lucky bamboos or indoor palms that are easy to care for and inexpensive. An added benefit of live plants is that they purify the air. You could also incorporate the element of wood by choosing furniture and fixtures in the shapes of tree trunks or branches. Natural fabrics, cotton elements and wood furniture are also good choices.


The element of fire should be placed in the southern area of your home or workspace. Fire helps bring passion, success, and romance into your life. In terms of your career, it brings achievement and recognition. Fire is reflected in yellows and reds, and in shades of pink, purple and orange. Too much fire may flare tempers or cause aggression, while not enough of it may emotionally detach people in your home. Decorate with candles and artwork that has splashes of fire colors. The sun represents fire, so lighten dark areas with natural sunlight.


The element of earth brings peace and stability to marriages and relationships. It also boosts ambition, focus, and spiritual growth. The earth element is best placed in northeastern or southwestern areas of your home or workspace.

Earth is represented in the colors of sand and skin tones, as well as beige and light yellows. Because these neutral colors are common in many homes in the colors of walls and furniture, be sure to balance the monotony. Excessive earth tones can lead to lack of ambition and to boredom. Especially avoid excess earth tones in areas in your home where children spend the most time, such as their bedrooms.


The element of metal is helpful in attracting blessings and bringing out creativity. It’s best placed in western or northwestern areas in your home or workspace. Metal can bring sharpness of mind and mental clarity. It is represented by the colors silver, gray and white. Consider objects made of aluminum, iron, silver, or gold. Note that your stainless-steel refrigerator and other appliances affect the vibration of the element of metal.

Besides the metal influence, white also stands for bright possibilities, new beginnings, clear endings, and purity. If you like flowers, you should consider using white hydrangeas, lilies, or orchids. Arrange the flowers in a red vase, and you’ll be representing the element of fire, too!


The water element should be used in northern areas of your home or workspace. It can help with life paths and careers. The proper amount of water brings insight and wisdom so you can make the best possible decisions. Too much water can make people feel like they’re are drowning in their emotions. Water can also bring wealth and banish financial issues.

The colors of the water element can be found in the deep, dark tones and shades of blue, and in black. Anything with water or reflective surfaces also represent the water element, so fountains, aquariums and mirrors are all good ways to incorporate water into your home or workspace.

Get Started!

Now that you’re more familiar with the five elements of feng shui and their corresponding colors, as well as where to arrange them in your living space, you can use them to start shifting the energy of your home. Start with an audit of your home, going through one room at a time. Consider your goals and the type of energy you want in each area of your life.

Pay attention to which elements are already present, and add objects that represent what you think is missing, always remembering to create the proper balance. A total overhaul of your home may not be necessary, because you probably already have at least some of the elements that you need. Allowing the powerful feng shui influences to flow through your work space or home will open the door to harmony, peace and prosperity for you.