Understanding Your Spirit Mediums

Understanding Your Spirit Mediums

Being a medium is a timeless job and the mediums work the same today as they did hundreds of years ago. The biggest difference from between now and before is that mediums are more known, and that people are more aware that a medium exists than they were years ago.

Mediums have been around since around the 1800’s and they used to do things such as seances that would help them to reach the dead. This was a popular thing, and it was something that was practiced by many famous people, including Abraham Lincoln’s wife. People have been mediums that are able to reach the spirit world and some of them are Shamans.


A medium is someone that is intuitive and is psychic. A mediums is always a psychic, but a psychic is not always a medium.

A medium is able to communicate with people that have died and passed to the other side because they are able to use their gifts to connect with the energy of the dead. They are able to hear them by using their clairvoyant gifts, to feel their presence with their clairaudient giftings and to know things about them by using their clairsentient gifts.

The medium knows that the soul does not die but that it goes from the earth to other places and they are able to communicate with them and to speak to them. Some people use their gifts in order to speak to their dead loved ones.

When you want to understand a modern medium, you have to understand that they can talk to the dead and they can help to give you comfort and to help you know that your dead loved ones are okay.

How They Work

Mediums work in different ways. Some of them will invite the spirits to come and light a candle and they will ask the spirits to communicate with you. They will do this while you are there and before the session starts.

Some mediums will want to have a picture of your loved one or they will just concentrate on them and meditate to have a communication connection. They will meditate and they will listen for information from the spirits.

The loved ones that have passed to the other side want to talk to you and they might choose to speak to you through the medium that is doing your reading.

You have to learn to be open if you are going to get a mediumship reading. Learn to be kind and to accept the information that they give you. A good medium will not give you information that you want but they will tell you what the spirit says. This can help you to have a message from your loved one that will comfort you.

Some mediums allow the energies to come to their body so that they can communicate in the human form. This allows the spirit to enter them so that you can feel them and hear them.

Mediums and Ghosts

Mediums can see ghosts and they see spirits that have passed to the other side. They are able to see images, visions and even lights that are the spirits. This can be people or even animals.

What Happens During a Reading?

When you want to have a psychic reading, you need to know that your medium is someone that is a communication bridge between you and your dead loved one. This can be a great time, but this does not always go the way that you hope.

This can happen fast, and your loved one can come to you even in your dreams after your reading. There are vibrations that everyone has and the level that you have your vibrations at can affect the way that the communication goes.

The medium will come to you and will call to your spirit to come to you but know that sometimes the spirit can come and sometimes it cannot. Timing is something that doesn’t exist in the spirit world, but it does for you on earth.

If your loved ones do come through, chances are they will be there to tell you how much that they love you and that they are on the other side. They might ask you to forgive them for things that happened between you and them on earth.

All of this will depend on how open you choose to be. If you want to get messages from someone that has passed to the other side, you need to have an open mind. Your guide will be there to help you and to give you guidance but the information that comes to the medium can happen through them, but it doesn’t always. Sometimes, people go to a medium reading and hear nothing and then later in their dreams they get a message.

No Jokes

Psychic mediums are real things, and they are not a joke. They have real reputations and real jobs and if you want to find a good medium, make sure that you find one that has good reviews and one that is known.

A good psychic can help you to understand what you need to know, and they can even help you with your own psychic giftings. There are many popular mediums and psychics that are even on television and some of them include:

  • John Holland
  • Laura Lynn Jackson
  • Kim Russo

Loved Ones

Those that you love are always going to be there even after they die. They love you and they are there to assure you and to protect you. Getting a mediumship reading can change your life and help your heart to be at peace and comfort.