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Transform Like A Butterfly

2016 brought many drama’s and subsequent endings and this year should represent the opposite but you’re still stuck? You might be doing it wrong then… We will help you transform your life for the rest of the year.  

“It is time to put those lessons to use, break patterns, let people you might not have thought could be a friend in, get involved in the community on a humanitarian level.” As for spiritual resolutions, Spir506 says, “Self-care! Go beyond the basics, get a reading but don’t abuse it, manicures, therapy, be more social, do things that make you feel good – this includes helping someone who may not be able to help themselves, (as long as helping them does not hurt you) it only serves to make you feel good, making it a win-win.

Looking to make a positive change in the new year? We reached out to our advisors on Keen for their ultimate spiritual resolutions that everyone should make in 2017. Here are the top 5:   

  1. Simplify your life.

Material things and objects we keep with us physically can have an impact on us mentally. Clutter in our physical environment energetically blocks the flow of abundance spiritually and emotionally. Work to simplify your life by getting rid of things you don’t need, allowing you space to grow and transform on a spiritual level.

“Each day, get rid of one object you don’t need. Focus on what gives you joy. Get rid of everything else.

“Find joy in the simple things.”

  1. Let go of the past.

Becoming the best version of yourself means letting go of things that no longer serve your higher self. Stop letting the past have control over your happiness and health in the future. True spiritual transformation requires freeing yourself from what’s holding you back.

“To become the best version of yourself. Meaning, letting go of the past, not allowing it to have the power to keep you from being happy.” 

“I believe everyone should EMPOWER themselves and sweep away the things that no longer serve their higher self. Send the love to all of your scars and forgive yourself for mistakes you have made because they have brought you enlightenment and opportunities for self-love. We all test ourselves so we can grow. We should not beat ourselves up for growing. LEAVE OTHERS EMPOWERED so the love can grow and spread peace around the world.

  1. Be of service,

The smallest acts of kindness have the ability to make a profound impact. Never forget that the power to change your community and world for the better truly starts within. Resolve to help one person every day and see your spirit soar with abundance.

“People need to start helping each other…Take a vow to help one person every day in 2017.

“Resolve to commit to a goal of being in service to others. To make at least one person’s life better than it was before. To see the world as a place filled with Radiance and pass peace to others. Challenge yourself to change the way you respond to Life’s challenges!

  1. Embrace change and understanding.

Try to remember that the beauty in life lies in the diversity among everyone and everything. We’re all different, and that’s what makes life exciting, curious, and wonderful.

“It’s my wish that all of us move past fear, hate and division. I think every person would benefit from a resolution to embrace change, be courageous in our support for one another, and look past our differences long enough to find common ground.

“Spiritual growth as the world around us is getting harder and more complicated. We have to find inner peace and understanding so we can cope with everything else. We need to eliminate fear and hate and turn to our roots.”


Most important among all of these spiritual resolutions, is the one you’ll make to honor and love yourself… unconditionally!

“I feel that one should learn and apply how to love themselves first. You can’t give nor receive without being completely aligned with yourself first. Take time out to spoil and care for the most important person: YOU!

“Build a strong foundation of self-love. Without self-love, there is no self. Without self, there is no one to love.” 

And to top it off the list? Loveadvisor9 adds, “To simply be love.”

We couldn’t have said it better if we tried.

Welcome to an uplifted, authentic, and benevolent YOU!

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