The Spiritual Meaning of Bison


Have you experienced a bison sighting?

If you feel a connection with bison, it’s likely that the sighting means you’re grateful for your life, and would describe it as abundant. Bison spirit energy feels protection from the Universe and the Earth. It communicates that you already have everything that you require. And if you don’t already feel this way about your life, perhaps the bison sighting is a reminder to you that the “little things” are what matter the most.

This isn’t to say that you must stop wanting more. It simply means that you can find satisfaction in what you already have. And if you’re a protective person, one of your spirit animals just may be the bison (people usually have multiple spirit animals).

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Are Bison and Buffalo The Same?

Just for the sake of clarity, let’s address the “800-pound bison” in the room. Do the words “bison” and “buffalo” refer to the same animal? The short answer is “no.”

According to, the animals that most Americans refer to as “buffalo” are actually bison. There are only two kinds of buffalo in the world: water buffalo, which are found in Asia, and cape buffalo, which are found in Africa. Due to the similar appearances of the animals, Early American settlers referred to bison as “buffalo,” so that name stuck for the American animals.

When it comes to spiritual energy, both buffalo and bison symbolize abundance, stability, strength, prosperity, gratitude, freedom, courage, and protection. They are also both spiritual and grounded.

Bison and Native Americans

You can’t tell the story of bison without telling Native Americans’ story. It’s ironic that bison, which symbolize abundance, were nearly exterminated by people’s needs and wants. Before the days of settlers and guns, some estimates indicate that there were more than 20 million bison. But there are only mere thousands left now. These numbers make bison sightings even more rare and meaningful.

The Great Plains Native Americans respected, honored, and revered bison. Bison provided life—food, shelter, and clothing—for multiple tribes throughout the United States and Canada. According to, Native Americans’ nomadic lifestyle was in sync with the migrations of bison, elk, and deer. Without European settlers’ interference, Native Americans likely could likely have continued hunting bison virtually forever.

In his book “Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small,” author Ted Andrews borrowed the old English quote, “The Lord helps those who help themselves” to describe how bison played into the Lakota Sioux belief that proper prayer combined with the proper action could bring about everything that one needed or wanted.

Water Buffalo and Chinese Tradition

In Chinese tradition, water buffalo are associated with the Chinese Mother Hsi Ho. She is the symbol of hope and luck, and is spiritually centered. A water buffalo is also integral in the life of Lao Tsu, the philosopher who was the father of Taoism and the author of its text “Tao Te Ching” in the 6th century. When he grew disillusioned with the desires and greed of man, he left China on a water buffalo and wrote the Tao (his philosophies) soon after. Many Asian cultures both ancient and modern believe that water buffalo skulls and horns represent abundance and strength.

The Bison or Buffalo Spirit Animal

If the bison or buffalo is one of your spirit animals, you are loving and loyal to and protective of the people who are closest to you. You’re content, knowing that you have everything that you need to live an abundant life. You most likely are down-to-earth and feel a deep connection with the Great Spirit, and you can summon the bison’s or buffalo’s spirit as a power animal when you need strength of body, mind, and soul.

People with the bison or buffalo spirit often shoulder burdens, whether someone else’s or their own. They serve as proverbial “shoulders to cry on” and often show others by example how to carry burdens and to “pay it forward” to help other people.

Generally, the bison or buffalo represents satisfaction in the simple act of living, joy in interactions with people, contentment in spiritual beliefs, gratitude from living a full life, and care for others and for yourself. If you have experienced a bison or buffalo sighting, don’t neglect the spiritual meaning of the moment. Express gratitude for the event, and thank the animal for the lessons it taught you about your existence and about life in general.

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