The Discipline of Developing and Rejecting Psychic Gifts

The Discipline of Developing and Rejecting Psychic Gifts

Intuitive and psychic abilities are the birthright of each person here on Earth. Like the capability to impart spiritual healing, we all have intuitive and psychic abilities, so they should no longer be regarded as special gifts to a privileged few.

Intuitive and psychic abilities can be developed through spiritual disciplines such as mantras and yoga breathing, by serving others, and through spiritual exercises like healing and prayer. Some techniques are specifically designed to nurture these abilities. Others are intended for some other purpose, but nevertheless will result in intuitive and psychic development.

For example, if you intensely practice yoga breathing over an extended period of time with an end goal of gaining enlightenment, your intuitive and psychic abilities will increase as a result. even if you had no intent or interest in those esoteric abilities,

Everybody can develop psychic and intuitive abilities. But it may not be in an individual’s personal destiny to have this priority. It may be far more important for a particular person to learn a specific skill that’s not directly related to anything psychic. However, every skill and ability can be enhanced by adding psychic elements to it.

Positive or Negative?

The Discipline of Developing and Rejecting Psychic GiftsIn and of themselves, psychic and intuitive abilities are neither positive or negative. What makes them positive or negative is how they are used.

For example, if you use your psychic abilities to view somebody’s aura before you give them spiritual healing, you may be able to see clearly which part of their aura needs attention. This will allow you to tune in to the exact magnetic energy that will be required to heal that person, making this an obviously positive use of your psychic abilities. But if you use your psychic abilities to satisfy your own greed or to bring harm to somebody else, that would obviously be a negative use.

As explained by Dr. George King in his book The Nine Freedoms, It’s impossible to gain enlightenment without developing psychic abilities first. Once psychic abilities have been developed, they need to be rejected. The only exception to the rejection is those abilities required to serve others. Rejecting the abilites helps bring about enlightenment, which is the goal of the yogi. This stage cannot be passed over.

According to Ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling, the Keeper of the Great Seal who spoke through Dr. King, there are many paths to enlightenment, and no single path can offer all possible truths. Some truth can be found in each way. Clairvoyance is among the first superconsciousness manifestations. There are lots of ways in which people receive these abilities of clairvoyance, as well as clairaudience and psychometrics. But when all of these abilities are boiled down, they don’t mean very much.

Developing psychic abilities is a positive thing because a great personal discipline to develop is the ability to reject their use except in service for humankind— not for a single person, not for a family, not for yourself, but in service to humanity as a whole.

Intuition vs. Psychic Development

Like many other words, different people use the word “intuition” in different ways. One way of explaining intuition is that it’s the voice of the inner Divine Spirit speaking through the mind; in other words, intuition the highest part of ourselves manifesting to us. This means that the inherent nature of intuition is spiritual, while psychic powers may not be spiritual at all.

Viewed like this, intuitive abilities are the most valuable abilities that people can have. It’s through intuition that people are able to recognize genuine spiritual truth. It’s intuition above all else that will help you discern whether or not things are true. The hardest part is actually hearing your intuition amidst the clamor and worldly din that fill your soul each day.

Once we hear it, intuition must be recognized as such and heeded. Too often people will confuse their intuitive voice telling them that something is true for what they wish was true.

Developing Intuition

The more often you listen to and heed your intuition, and the more often you take action based on what you hear, the stronger your intuition will naturally become. The more you expose yourself to the truth, and the more truthful you become, the more you will manifest and attract true things and recognize them as such.

Serving others and spiritual exercises are great ways to develop your intuitive abilites. Also vital to its development is a pure motive. If you really seek spiritual truth so you can use it to serve and help others, and if you put genuine effort into finding it, you will recognize it, and you will find it. Divine Law guarantees this!