The Tarot Card Spread For Success and Money


the success tarot card spread

In whatever aspect of our lives, or path we decide to take on, we are all out to do our very best and succeed.  Everyone wants to be successful.  Who wouldn’t?

Tarot cards are one of the methods fortune tellers, seers, and psychic use when reading into the future and the Success Tarot Card Spread is a great tool that assists us to understand the challenges and obstacles that are confronting you in your endeavors.  It then makes sense to identify the strengths and resources available to you and that you can utilize to overcome whatever issues that are sure to come your way and that might impede your way to success.  The spread might even be able to give you some suggestions or ideas you might not have considered before the reading.  

The First Card represents the central issue to your question or your concern. This card refers to the things that you need to be aware of in your current endeavors.

The Second Card represents your current challenges and obstacles. This card refers to the things that may not be working in your favor at this time.

The Third Card represents the underlying and hidden factors of your current situation and that would be helpful to you to be aware of.

The Fourth Card represents the things that can help you.  This can refer to people, ideas, or a shift in your perspective.

The Fifth Card represents the actions needed to improve your chances for success.

This spread should serve an enlightening and resolution oriented reading.  When success is the name of the game, being informed before hand and preparedness can help you a lot.  It shouldn’t be a surprise nor a deterrent that there are challenges and obstacles, on the contrary, that is to be expected and the more you are prepared for it, the better you can cope and keep moving forward.Crystal-Ball-and-cards1

If handled with the right attitude, challenges and obstacles can actually be used to sharpen our skills or teach us a new lesson – these news skills and knowledge that we gain in dealing with the challenges can then be used towards the path to success.  So, keep an open mind, allow the positive energy flow through you and be prepared to walk the path to success.

Similar to the Success Spread is the Money Tarot Card Spread which also uses five cards. Success and money are one of the most common reasons people want to know about the future and look for a reading.  

Every card in the Tarot deck can have a financial interpretation and Tarot readings can surely be geared towards a person’s career and financial status.  The Money Tarot Card Spread is used to identify your beliefs on money and abundance.  It can also reveal where you need to change your belief systems and identify the actions you need to take to encourage abundance to enter your life. 

the money tarot card spreadThe First Card represents your current financial situation and reflects your current relationship with money.

The Second Card represents your core beliefs about money and reflects your ideas and feelings.

The Third Card represents the past influences of your relationship with money.  It also reflects how your past has shaped your ideas and feelings towards money.

The Fourth Card represents your spiritual relationship to money.  This card often reflects the important lessons you need to learn about your relationship towards money .

The Fifth Card represents the action you need to take to change your current financial situation including both the spiritual and emotional changes that need to be implemented.

Now you have the basics on two common and highly important topics.  Success and money often go hand in hand and are a common worry among us.  There is no reason to think they are not attainable, they are.  You just need a path, guidance, and hard work to achieve them.