Stop Being Haunted by Ghosts

Stop Being Haunted by Ghosts

Some people like to be haunted like at Halloween time but at other times, it can be very scary. Some people are more likely to be haunted by spirits than other people and even though they can choose to take the energy and do good with it, other people want to communicate only with those that are alive.

There are ways that you can avoid being haunted and you can also avoid communicating with the spirit world if that is what you want to do. There are ways that you can close the door to the spirit world and have a healthy mind and body.

If you learn to really manage your energy, you can be strong. You can do this by going for walks in nature and meditating. You can take charge of your own energy and learn to open and close doors. If you are haunted by spirits talking to you, you can learn to stop this by keeping yourself grounded and strong.

You can also learn to put up boundaries to protect you from spirits talking to you and here are some ways to do that:

Cleanse the Energy

One way to stop the spirit world from talking to you or to get rid of negative spirits is to cleans your energy. Use sage in your house to get rid of evil spirits.

You can use a stage stick and put it in all areas of your room to cleanse your home from spirits.

Gut Feeling

When you go to a new home or apartment and you feel that there is a spirit there, there most likely is. Ask the landlord questions about previous renters. If you learn to trust your gut, learn to not rent an apartment that you feel is full of spirits.

Tell Them to Leave

The best way to get spirits to leave you alone is to tell them to leave. A spirit will know when you are afraid and will keep bothering you in some circumstances but when you assert your power, they will see you are strong and leave you alone.


Always take time to visualize your area and visualize your area cleansed and full of light. Let the light fill your area and your body. This will keep you safe from energy that you do not want to enter into you or bother you. This will be a shield of protect for you.

You can do this and raise your vibrations and then you will be protected from spirits.

Ouija Boards

You might think a Ouija board is a toy, but it isn’t. If you do not want to pick up spirits, then do not use one of these. Some people will think this is a toy and ask the spirits questions, but this opens the door to you and allows them to come in.

Clearing Crystals

There are many crystals that you can get that will keep your room safe from spirits. The Selenite crystal will protect you from spirits and keep your energy high. Wearing this as a necklace or putting it in the drawer beside your bed will keep you protected.


The best way to protect yourself from the spirit world is to put boundaries and to be assertive with your power. Most spirits will not bother you if you refuse to engage with them.