Stay Single and Happy!


single 2Here’s the reality: we don’t generally locate our ideal match, and we can be single for drawn out stretches of time before any sentimental prospects pop up coming soon. Keep in mind, that’s no reason to feel unhappy at all! In fact, there are three simple things you must to do to enjoy your singledom: love it, love it, love it. Rejoice! Because this is a time to pause, hit the reset button, and strengthen the most important relationship you’ll ever have in your life—the one with yourself.

#1 to Love It – Getting to Know Your Heart

You are 100% the source of your own happiness. We all know this, but not everyone accepts full responsibility for it or practices this truth. Take this time to build the personal life you want. Visualize your “ideal” partner. Who would he or she want to date? Strive to become that person, which is to say, the ultimate version of yourself. Your time is your own to pursue personal interests and delve into areas you want to explore and develop. Do what brings you joy. This is where we learn the art of reflection and turning our life experiences into progressive foresight.

There are so many positives when you explore leveling up your lifestyle and ways to achieve this. You can absolutely have fun throughout the process. Knowledge is power and the more you know about yourself and what is in your best interest, the more fulfilled you become at the core. Regaining wellness within yourself and living a healthier lifestyle is a part of our soul journey. We can begin to face our fears of loneliness and enjoy our own company when we are feeling our best. Follow your pursuits and take the opportunity to really be yourself–and be present with yourself.

This doesn’t mean you must live the life of a hermit, destined to be alone forever. It just means that when you are in the midst of serious internal, transformative work, the space and time for reflection–along with your own company–are your best tools to come out of the process as your strongest and best self. Once you begin joining new communities where you can express and explore your goals, you will begin connecting with like-minded people who match your vibration. This is a time to take up an activity, study, create and explore your own spiritual journey—whatever is your heart’s desire.

#2 to Love It – Resetting Yourself

single 1 featuredLove your single status because this is when you learn to treat yourself how you will ultimately treat others. Take the “golden rule” to heart, here. Set your personal standards and stick to them. If you respect your own standards and remain unwilling to accept anything less, you are better able to strengthen your current and future relationships on all levels from work colleagues, to friends, to family. As you become more confident within yourself, you no longer need to seek approval from others.

Once there are no problematic or difficult love expectations in your life, you have eliminated a significant stressor and major block to future healthy relationships. When we feel the pressures of a relationship as though it requires insurmountable work, quite often it is because we are not balanced ourselves. Relationships, of course, do require cultivation, attention and maintenance, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming and burdensome work. This would be a sign that you have not yet developed the tools necessary to have the kind of relationship you seek, or your partner and you are simply not aligned with one another enough to find a harmonious flow together. In some cases, our partner might expect us to create their happiness for them, which is an impossible task, and one that we should detach from. Someone else’s problems are not ours to take on, and we cannot heal their issues for them. We can only provide a positive and loving environment for them to address their issues as they hopefully begin healing them for themselves. We just need to support the person on their quest. Stay mindful of your own behaviors and make sure you are never in the position of expecting your partner to maintain your happiness either. If you find this is the case, you have some more work to do.

While you’re flying solo, you have time to concentrate on your own life and how you can avoid poorly matched partnerships in the future. Quality time with yourself is all-important when you are in a relationship no matter its state or who it’s with. Never forget, you truly are your own best friend and eternal companion, and now is when you can make life work for you. This is the time to press the reset button and create the best path for the rest of your life and your soul journey.

#3 to Love It – Finding Forgiveness

Love being single because when the grass seems greener on the other side, this is when you need to water your own garden. Imagine yourself as each seed you plant in that garden. Are you going to nurture your own seeds to grow into the strong dependable and happy person you deserve to be?

single 3One of the most important ingredients needed to love being single is to learn forgiveness. Forgiving your past, yourself, and others. Remember, forgiving people who have caused suffering in your life doesn’t absolve them of their actions; that responsibility remains with them. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you bring them back into your life either. It is perfectly okay to move forward without them. But the forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, and it’s necessary for any kind of healing you want to do to create more ease in your life. It frees you so that you’re no longer hurt, angry, or giving away your precious energy and thoughts to them. You only have this moment, so don’t waste it being sad or bitter while thinking about the past.

Now is the time to truly let it all go; whatever no longer serves you, you don’t need to carry it any longer. Create lightness in your life where you can. While you’re single, give yourself the gift of peace and true acceptance. Now, you are on the diving blocks of life ready to propel yourself forward in a positive way.