Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

People often wonder what is going to happen on their journey to a spiritual awakening. They wonder if it will be some kind of travel or a spiritual step that they will take.

Life is full of experiences and when you are going through changes through the spiritual awakening, you will find that your life changes and shifts. You will feel that your life is becoming different than you have ever known it to be. It will be like you are waking up from a dream and that you are more aware of what is around you. This will be something that you cannot go back from.


Going through the spiritual awakening means that you are removing ignorance from your life. This can mean not understanding in Sanskrit language. When you are ignorant, it keeps you at a lower level of consciousness and makes you where you do not know things.

Ignorance has different qualities from the universe, and it binds you to your mind, spirit and body and can make you overly emotional and make you miss out in your life.

As you change and grow, you will become one with the universe and you will see that you are no longer limited by ignorance, but you are becoming one with yourself.

We all would like to know how this evolution takes place. The truth is, it is different for everyone, but it is mapped out into your conscious mind and body and you will see clues that you are on your way to your awakening.

Spiritual Journey

There are different ways that people describe the awakening and here are some different kinds of things you will go through in your awakening:

  • Seeing or going through adventure.
  • Examining the path, you take.
  • Searching for the right path to follow.
  • Losing sight of the path.
  • Merging with the path you choose.

Seeing or Going Through Adventure

You will go through your journey and it will be when you change and grow. You will stop caring about your own self and learn to love others. This will be part of your conscious mind.

When you start your journey, you will see an adventure that you want to take. This will send you signs and count your attention. You will find a new path to take and you will trigger your new awakening.

Every life that comes along will change and when the adventure comes, things will feel and look differently. You will experience things such as death of a loved one, challenges or maybe even a near-death experience. There will be different experiences that you have that will change your life.

This is the point you will choose to change, or you will choose to ignore it. You will either refuse your calling or you will take the opportunity to do what the universe is telling you to do. There will be a deep awakening that can be experienced and then there will be no going back.

When you answer the call to adventure you will be responsible for your own life and you will experience opportunities that will make you aware and will feel different to you.

Examining the Path, You Take

When you realize that the worldview is changing, you will see that your conscious mind is changing. This can be a great time as long as you accept these things and learn to see things from a different point of view. You will want to seek answers and you will change your views.

This is the point where you will find a new belief and you will rethink your worldview. You will look for information and you will look into psychology and religion. Here are some paths you can take:

  • Bhakti Yoga-love and devotion.
  • Jnana Yoga-silence and intelligence.
  • Karma Yoga-action and being about others.
  • Raja Yoga-meditating and being disciplined.

All of your paths will lead you to self-discovery and you will have to choose what you are doing. There is no rule on what path you will take, and each path will lead you to growth.

What matters is what feels right to you and remember that no one’s path will be the same. You have to choose to remember that the path you take is for you and no one is going to be on their own wrong path but the right path.

Searching for the Right Path to Follow

This is the path where you will seek a spiritual path. You will learn to be disciplined and to have vision and awareness. This is where you learn to find your way of life and you go down your path even when it is hard.

The path will teach you to practice and to go deep. You will need to follow up with yourself and see where to go next.

This is a path where you change your identity and you stop caring so much about material things. You will look to your intuition and seek guidance. You will live your life as you grow and expand your awareness.

Here are some things that show you that your path is on its way:

  • You become happy and lighthearted. You feel carefree and fun in life.
  • You feel that you are free of mental, physical, and spiritual blockages and your life gets easier.
  • You experience miracles.
  • You experience synchronicities.

Losing Sight of the Path

This is the place where you will expect there to be struggles. You will resist the changes coming but they will be a challenge to you and make you feel different. You will become emotional and compassionate and you will learn to forgive and be kind to others. This is where external influences will come to try to make you go back to normal.

The challenges are there, and you will need to see these things as a turning part in your life. You will see your enemies come out of the woodwork and you might experience setbacks. You will have life knock you down, but you just get up again.

You might feel lost or hopeless at this time, but it is just a season. Learn to accept the challenges and let go of your ego. See your light and darkness and know that this is just a hurdle for you to reach your path.

This stage requires you to be strong and to work through it. Keep doing it so you can reach your awakening.

Merging with the Path You Choose

This last stage is where you will see things beyond your sight. You will see that you are in unity with the universe and you have found who you really are. You will see your immortality and your infinite wisdom and that the universe is everywhere.

You will come back to who you are, but you will be smarter, and you will let worldly things go. You will see that your layers are getting smaller and that you are being reminded of all the good things in your life.

This is a sign of your spiritual awakening. This is all part of your adventure and when you learn to understand the truth and take this journey, you will soon reach your destiny in life.