Speaking Up and Asking for What You Want


Often times in life, whether it involves our professional life, romantic life, or family members, it can prove difficult to try to ask for what you actually want. And in being afraid to speak up and voice our wants and desires, we may never see those wants come to life. So, it’s important to get over that fear of speaking up and realize the importance of really asking for what you want.

Asking for What You Want-Romantic Relationships

When it comes to our romantic relationships, it can sometimes be difficult to speak up and ask for something. Communication is always the key to a healthy and successful relationship, but sometimes we might be afraid of asking for something due to the fear that our partner will think what we’re asking for is unnecessary, foolish, or that it’s selfish. However, it’s important to always speak out about what you want within your relationship so that you and your partner are equals and one isn’t always getting his or her way. And don’t be timid or passive-aggressive in voicing what you want either. This can lead to miscommunication. Instead, open up the path to communication by stating what you want up front, thus establishing a strong foundation of communication to build on for years to come.

Asking for What You Want- Family Within Dynamics

Communication with family members can be the most taxing. Of course, you always want to do what’s best for your family, whether it be your children or siblings or parents. And sometimes that can mean not speaking up for yourself while putting their needs first. It’s important to take the time to tell your family what you want and make room for your needs as well. Don’t be afraid of voicing your wants to your family. You may find they will be very receptive after all.

Asking for What You Want- Professional Life

As with family, asking for what you want within your professional life can also prove to be a challenge. You may feel like you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or cause chaos in the workplace. But if you don’t make sure to voice your concerns and wants within your job, it can definitely lead to a tense and non-productive work environment. So don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re not being treated well by a co-worker or if you feel it’s time for a raise.

When preparing to ask for what you want, an important thing to keep in mind is that you need to communicate effectively. Know what your position is, be clear with yourself, and don’t back down if someone is trying to push back. The bottom line is that you must believe in yourself. And remember that asking for what you want isn’t selfish. It’s the basis for building a strong foundation for lasting relationships in all aspects of your life.

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