Signs you have a great sex life


It takes some time to feel sexually comfortable with someone. Sex isn’t always fun, it can occasionally be awkward. Whether it’s only one night of sex or a long-term relationship, both you and your partner need to take a few steps to reach the comfort level needed for a fully satisfying sexual relationship.

Telling your partner what you want is important. You both should have an ongoing open discussion around boundaries and about your pleasure spots, your likes and dislikes in a sex relationship. Don’t take it too seriously and laugh about sex occasionally.

A great sex life is important to make you feel connected with your own body, as well as your partner’s body.

Below are signs you and your partner are completely comfortable about your sex relationship:

Nude is a huge sign that you are completely comfortable with your sex partner:

If you’ve been jumping naked into bed together whether for having sex or just you are laying together chatting, or you’re both sharing a shower after a big day. Being naked is a sign that you both are feeling too comfortable in your sexual relationship.

Ability to trust your partner with your sexual fantasy is a sign

Let’s face it, talking about your sexual fantasies is embarrassing, but if you are able to be open and honest about your fantasies and talk about it with your partner, you are more likely to have an amazing sexual relationship. Talking with your partner about your sexual fantasy is essential.

Chatting about sex before, during, and after

Talking about your desires, your pleasure spots, what feels good, and what not. If you and your partner are feeling comfortable enough to chat about sex before it’s even happens, during the act, and after it, this is a good sign that your sexual relationship level is through the roof.

Being happy outside your bedroom

It is definitely important to focus on your needs when it comes to sex life, but sometimes you know that you have a good sex life from the way you feel outside your bedroom. If you find yourself sharing a happy life with your partner, you both probably have a good sex life.


  1. The article makes valid points about the importance of communication in a sexual relationship. Establishing boundaries and discussing likes and dislikes are essential steps toward building comfort and trust.

  2. The idea that a great sex life contributes to overall happiness in a relationship resonates with me. It’s important to recognize how interconnected these aspects of relationships are.

    • I agree. When a couple is happy and satisfied sexually, it often translates into other areas of their relationship, making for a stronger bond.

  3. The article provides practical advice on how to gauge comfort levels in a sexual relationship. Trust and open communication are indeed critical for a healthy relationship.

  4. I find the emphasis on being comfortable with nudity and sharing fantasies particularly interesting. These aspects can indeed reflect the level of trust and openness between partners.

  5. Discussing sexual fantasies can be daunting, but the article rightly points out that it’s essential for an amazing sexual relationship. Openness in this area can significantly enhance mutual satisfaction.


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