Self-Discovery through Solo Travel


Anybody who’s seen the movies “Under the Tuscan Sun” or “Eat, Pray, Love” or has likely daydreamed about taking a trip on their own so they can discover themselves. Though real life doesn’t always play out like it does in movies, some movies are a reflection on real life. Those two movies, along with many others, tell stories of self-discovery through solo travel. If you’re considering traveling by yourself, these tips may help you plan your adventure.

Research and Be Inspired

You’re in good company whether you feel like you’re a bit lost, like you need a life change, or if you’re just curious about what it’s like to venture out on your own. Millions of solo travelers have ventured out on trips on their own. Some agencies even cater specifically to solo travelers.

You can decide to take a truly solo path like Cheryl Strayed wrote about in her best-selling book “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.” You could join a tour that’s geared towards solo travelers. Or you could simply choose a destination and plan your own personal adventure. In any case, the trick is to pick a destination that you’re feeling drawn to, and go.

Travel can be expensive as well as confusing, but rest assured, there are options. Websites like focus on the niche of solo travelers and offer tips on traveling and how to pick and plan for your destination. They also include inspirational personal accounts by people who have increased their self-confidence and advanced on their path of self-discovery by traveling on their own. So you can travel solo, no matter who you are!

Solo or Group Travel?

Not many things beat a week-long family adventure or a weekend getaway with friends. But traveling alone can! Traveling with people you care about can provide the opportunity to make lifelong memories, and can bond people closer together. But solo travel can be just as exciting and is often an eye-opening journey to self-discovery. Here are some reasons you may find solo travel appealing:

  • You’ll be doing what you want to do. Everyone’s desires need to be taken into consideration during group travel. One person wants to go shopping, but several others want to go to the beach. So sometimes compromises must be made and individuals must go along with the desires of the group. But when you’re traveling by yourself, you’ll do only what you want to do, and you’ll do it when you want to. You can get up as early or as late as you want, you can go to bed when you’re ready to, and you can do whatever it is that you want to do all day.
  • You’ll meet more people. In group travel, the group generally sticks together. The group even eats together. But as a solo traveler, you’ll spend much more time with people you’ve never met before. This may sound difficult, but it’s also very self-empowering.
  • You must be self-reliant. Solo travel can seem intimidating. This is especially true your first time doing it. You’re really on your own out there! But if you feel safe with your choices and you’re open to new adventures, you’ll probably surprise yourself. When you only have yourself to rely on, you’ll learn just how much you’re truly capable of. Each decision you make and every adventure you take will build self-confidence and will teach you things about yourself that you likely would not have learned otherwise.

Your True Self

People take many different paths on the journey to self-discovery. But every path has some things in common: you’re going somewhere new, you’re doing something you haven’t done before, and you’ll meet new people from every walk of life.

Everybody can benefit in some way from traveling solo. People who’ve done so know the spiritual and personal impacts such experiences can bring. Once you travel solo, you’ll likely want to do it again. Because after all, finding yourself is an adventure as well as a journey.

Of course, you can traverse whole continents via the internet in just one day. However, nothing can take the place of actually visiting foreign lands and meeting the people there in real life.

So if you desire to see what you’re really made of, give solo travel a try. You might not ever have a better opportunity to find your true self until you head off to new places all on your own.

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