Are You Really Ready for Love Now?

Ready for Love Now?

As a psychic, one of the usual questions I get from callers is this: “Am I ready to meet my true love, so when are they coming?” And then a moment later, that same caller is inquiring about their ex. They want to know what they’re up to, if they’ve met someone, if they’re happy and if they still think about them. Well, you can’t focus on meeting your true love if you still care about your ex.

There’s more to finding you true love than just wishing for them to appear. At the very least, if you really are ready for true love, you need to get over your ex!

Here are three surefire ways to know if you are really ready for true love:

  1. After months (and possibly years) of feeling alone, or like you’re the one doing all the work in your relationship, you decide to take a new approach.

Your current partner calls or texts you and for the first time, you don’t feel like it’s worth it to respond. You’ve set clear boundaries, like calling/texting after 10 p.m. is too late for you, so you don’t respond. And even when they say they love you or miss you, it just doesn’t have the same appeal that it used to.

They invite you at the last minute to get together and you’re simply not interested. You’d rather cuddle up with yourself than them and you realize the aftermath of spending time with them again is pure drama. You prefer to be alone than with them.

Congratulations! You have found your true love. Your true love in yourself and when you turn down these late-night requests from your partner, because they don’t appeal to you, you have chosen to honor and love yourself. There is no drama in honest self-love!

  1. Your best friend talks up someone they’d like to set you up with. They say it’s the stuff of fairy tales. You begrudgingly agree to go out with them.

When the night arrives, they’ve kept you waiting for 20 minutes. They offer no explanation or apology, but they are deliciously attractive. It only goes downhill from here. They spend more time looking at their phone than you. They seemed wrapped up in their personal appearance too. In a word, they are rude. When you politely end the evening, they ask you out for another date.

Cordially, you end the evening and when they ask you out for another date, you are able to affably state your reason for refusal. “Thanks for asking me, unfortunately, I am going to decline. It was disrespectful when you were late, and quite frankly you paid more attention to the world around you than to me. Good luck on your search!”

Celebrate this moment! You haven’t let your fear of a lifetime alone with cats keep you from asserting yourself. You’re learning to trust your instincts.

  1. You make a late-night run to the grocery story to get milk for your morning coffee. You are wearing a mismatched sweatsuit and you look like a hot mess.

Of course, you are going to run into your ex. He’s in the checkout line, dressed to the nines with a model-type woman on his arm. Or perhaps it’s the lady of your past is being fondled in front of you by the Brawny paper towel model. Maybe your first instinct is to run away, as memories of your relationship rush through your mind.

But then you stop yourself and start to feel real pity for your ex’s companion. You’re happy that it isn’t you. You’ve done it! You’re truly over your ex. There’s no drama and no pain.

When you’re able to experience this kind of self-awareness, and undertake honest healing without emotional upheaval, then you really are ready for a new relationship—something healthy this time that will nurture the person you have become. Be aware, because new love will soon find you.