Psychic Children

Psychic Children

People sometimes want to know if they have children that are psychic.  The first thing to know is that you should have a gut feeling if your child seems to have a spiritual gift or not.  Even though there are many different traits, not all children will have all traits and if they don’t have all traits, it doesn’t mean that they are not psychic.

Childhood Psychic Traits

Children can have many different psychic traits and when they have psychic traits, you can write them down and will be able to keep a list of the traits that your child has.


Children that are sensitive to the energies of other people might have the gift of empathy.  When an empath is around people, he or she will have strong emotions when they are around people.  If someone is sad, an empath can tell these feelings and if someone is angry, they know that as well.

When children have this gift, it can be hard for them because they have not learned to master their gifts yet.  If you think your child is an empath, you should try to limit the time that they are around people and not put them in high energy areas.  If they are tired and want to be left alone, do not worry about this, it is only normal.

Sensitivity to Surroundings

Another trait that a psychic child might have is to be very sensitive to their environment.  If they are around loud noises or if there are a lot of people around them, they might get agitated or overwhelmed.  The reason that this happens is because they have stronger senses and so things that are loud or full of activity is full of energy and they are picking up this energy.

Children can feel energy too just like when we feel that someone has walked in the room, even if they haven’t.  A child that is a psychic child might need time alone to recharge from their day.  Allow them to write down their feelings and to listen to music so that they can stay grounded and strong.


Children that are psychic have the abilities to read people.  They seem to know when something isn’t right or when someone is lying to them.  If a child that has this gift is told things are okay, even if they aren’t, they will know the truth.

Spiritual Visions and Sights

Many psychic children will have visions or will have imaginary friends or see figures that are spiritual beings.  This is normal for them and sometimes they will talk about these things that they see.  The spirit guides are important to them and will show up to speak to them and give them peace.

Imaginary friends can be spiritual guides that are coming to assist them through their journey.  Let them have their time and be okay with their imaginary friends.  Take time to talk to them about it and ask them what they look like.

If your child talks to their loved ones that have passed away, they might be psychic.  Do not tell them that they are lying but take time to talk to them and listen to what they have to say.

Past Life

A child that is intuitive might see things from their past life.  They might say that they remember things that they have never been to or that they have had happen to them.  Sometimes they will have displaced memories that don’t make sense to you.  Allow them to talk about these things and tell you what they see.

Love of Animals

Intuitive children are sweet and caring and they love animals.  They will want to be around animals and will seem to have a special bond with them.  They love the energy of animals and will have a sense of calmness when they are communicating with these animals.

Love and Compassion

Psychic children are full of love and compassion and love being around people.  There is something different about a psychic child and many teachers have pointed this out.  If your child is quiet and kind and always full of joy, he or she might have psychic gifts.

Want to Be Home

Many psychic children want to be home because they are surrounded by a lot of energy that they are tuning into.  They are very sensitive to their surroundings and especially when they are surrounded by children at school.

If your child wants to be home instead of going to school, chances are that they can become anxious at school and many psychic children are labeled as ADHD or ADD children because of their extreme sensitivities to things around them.

Trouble Sleeping

Children that are psychic might have vivid dreams and even nightmares.  These things can cause them to have trouble sleeping or not want to go to sleep.  Sometimes it is best to let your child fall asleep in your bed and then move them into the other room after they fall asleep so everyone can get a peaceful night rest.


Intuitive children are very creative.  They might be good at math and excel in other things such as art and science.  When children are very gifted, chances are that they are intuitive, and they have strong psychic gifts.

Supporting Your Psychic Child

If you have a child that is psychic, you have to make sure that you are their support guide and their support system.  Here are some ways that you can show your support to your psychic child:

  • Honor their feelings.
  • Learn to understand their giftings.
  • Understand why your child is psychic.
  • Don’t get overly stressed.
  • Have fun with your child.
  • Be aware of their gifts.
  • Allow them to talk to their spirit guides.
  • Relax and let the child’s gifts get better.


Psychic children are very special and as parents and caregivers, it is important that we are there for these children.  Always listen and allow them to share their feelings without judging them or being afraid of what they have to say.

These are special children, allow them to learn their gifts and to develop them at their own pace.