Protection From The Energy Of Others


    Are getting crazy? Do you feel something weird or maybe feeling something that you shouldn’t? Well…. maybe… You are you more intuitive than you even know, If you are an empath you can pick up on other people feelings and emotions while if you are clairsentient, you may even pick up on other people’s thoughts.

I frequently get calls from people that are very intuitive and not sure what is happening in their lives. I talk with people that have a strong empathic or clairsentient ability and things that we take for granted are quite challenging for them. They can pick up on the feelings and emotions of others without trying or wanting to do so.

Feeling Emotions That Are Not Your Own

You may have a conversation with someone and walk away feeling tired and drained. That person may be drawing from your energy and not even aware they are doing such a thing. You could be in line at a grocery store checkout and become angry or ecstatically happy, amused or depressed and sad and for no real reason at all. These are all symptoms of being empathic or clairsentient. Those emotions have nothing to do with you. You are picking up on the feelings of others around you. These energies and thought forms can be annoying and sometimes downright disruptive to your peace of mind and well-being.

Now I will share an easy method to protect yourself from emotions and thought forms that you do not want to feel. I call it my…

Psychic Self-Defense

When you get ready to leave your home, stand at your door and take a few deep breaths. Visualize a beam of bright white light coming down from the heavens. See this as a beam from a large flashlight or a spotlight. In your mind’s eye, see this bright white surrounding your entire body and creating a large egg shaped sphere or bubble. Know that this is your bubble of protection that will not allow anything to penetrate it.

When you step outside of your door. See many emotions and thought forms coming at you. See these thought forms as little black arrows flying toward you and bouncing off the bubble of white light that you have created around yourself. As you go through your day, know that the bubble of white light will keep the feelings and emotions of others away from you and your own emotions.

If you are ready to engage in a conversation and you do want to feel the other person’s emotions, you can just visualize your bubble fading away and falling down into the ground. You can create a new bubble when you are ready to venture back out into the world again.

This simple white light bubble exercise will help you to gain more peace as you go through your day to day activities. I hope that you find it helpful. The more you do it the easier it will become. Soon and very soon indeed, it will become second nature for you every time you get ready leave your house.