Past Life Lovers

Past Life Lovers

Do you meet people sometimes and have strong memories about them?  There are different ways that you can know if this person is a past lover or someone that you have met in your past.

If you find that past love, it can make you feel intense in both a good way and in a bad way.  You have to figure out these signs so you can know what is going on inside of you.

Most people will have a past love come back into their life.  They are here to teach you a lesson or to show you something that you didn’t learn the first time.  They might have started in your past life and then never was able to finish what they were meant to do.

You might meet with this person many different times and no matter what, this person will be with ou at this point in your present life.


When you want to know if this is a past lover, here are some signs:


You might have an instant connection this person where it feels intense and strong.  You aren’t able to explain it but you know that you are drawn to them for some reason.  This will bring on good communication and emotions that are strong and real.

Knowing What They Will Do

You might realize that you will know what their habits are and what they will do next.  At first, you might not notice this and then as you are around them more, you will realize you are able to know what they are feeling even when they aren’t talking.  This shows you had a strong relationship in the past.


You will see that you have a strong connection even when you are not together.  You will feel connected to them no matter what they are doing or no matter what state they are in.


When you are with this person, you will always feel that you are home.  You will be comfortable with them and you will be able to accept their flaws and their mistakes.  They will give you strong feelings and make you feel happy.


These people will bring you memories about them because it will be memories that you shared in a past life.  You will remember being together at certain events or being on trips where you met each other.

Sharing Things

You will want to share everything in your life with this person and you will share all things. You will be open in your emotions and in your thoughts and you will not hide things from them.


You will notice when you are with them that time will fly and you are always having fun with them.  As soon as you are together with them time will go by so fast.


You will be down a journey when you meet your soulmate or your past lover.  You will be on a new journey with them and they will make you feel like you have known them forever and you will be happy to continue your present life with them.


  1. This article touches on a profound theme that many people can relate to—the feeling of ‘coming home’ when meeting someone special. The idea that this could be due to a past life connection adds a layer of depth to our understanding of human relationships.

  2. While the article presents an interesting perspective on past lovers and soulmates, it might be beneficial to explore this concept further through scientific and psychological studies. Understanding the neurological and psychological basis for these feelings can provide a more holistic view.

  3. The concept of past lovers and soulmates is quite intriguing. The idea that someone from a past life can reappear in our current life to teach us lessons or complete unfinished business is captivating. It raises questions about the nature of relationships and the continuity of the soul.

  4. The list of signs mentioned in the article provides a comprehensive guide for identifying a past lover. However, it’s important to approach these signs with a critical mind and not jump to conclusions too quickly. Emotional experiences can often be complex and multifaceted.

  5. The notion of feeling an instant connection with someone because they were a past lover is fascinating. It makes one wonder about the subconscious mind and how much it remembers from previous experiences. Additionally, the idea of time flying by when you are with them resonates with many people who have experienced deep connections.


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